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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Brother James' Air [unknown] 2:17
Brother John Early Learning Centre 1:46
Brother John (Maani Ulujuk Public School) [unknown] 1:33
Brother Louie (Indian remix) [unknown] 4:06
Brother Timothy the Storyteller [unknown] 3:58
Brotherhood of Darkness [unknown] 1:27
Brothers Mix [unknown] 4:36
Brothers, Lets Sing Together [unknown] 1:59
Brown Bear's Snoring Early Learning Centre 1:36
Brown Eyed Girl [unknown] 3:39
Brown Girl in the Ring [unknown] 4:06
Brown Girl in the Ring [unknown] 1:03
Browny (stings) [unknown] ?:??
Bruach Na Carriage Bain [unknown] 4:29
Bruach Na Carriage Bain [unknown] 1:00
Bruca maniguá [unknown] 4:01
Bruca Maniguá [unknown] 4:01
Bruce Springsteen Guitar Techniques 1:13
Brucker Lager Marsch [unknown] 2:38
Bruckerby [unknown] 0:09
Bruder in Zechen und Gruben [unknown] ?:??
Brüder in Zechen und Gruben [unknown] 2:49
Bruder Jacob [unknown] 1:07
Bruder Jakob [unknown] 0:55
Bruder Jakob [unknown] 1:27
Bruder Jakob (instrumental) [unknown] 1:27
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 1:39
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 1:36
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 4:01
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir F.X. Schmid GmbH 2:37
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 2:15
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 2:27
Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir (instrumental) [unknown] 2:26
Brüderchen, komm, tanz mit mir [unknown] 0:42
Brüderlein komm tanz mit mir [unknown] 1:59
Brüderlein und Schwesterlein [unknown] 3:04
Brudgummen och bruden [unknown] 2:48
Brudhisslåt [unknown] 1:22
Brudmarsch [unknown] 1:55
Brudmarsch [unknown] 1:50
Brudmarsch från Gotland [unknown] 1:28
Bruise [unknown] 3:11
Bruit de faux pendant la coupe [unknown] 0:27
Brum, Brum Gets Things Done [unknown] 3:26
Brunch Club [unknown] ?:??
Brunch Club (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Brunch Club (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Brunei, Borneo - Sendang; Balait [unknown] 3:17
Brunei, Borneo - Sergasen (Ghost dance); Gerasen (Funeral dance) [unknown] 9:36
Brunei, Borneo - Silat (Warrior dance) [unknown] 5:20
Brunel's Innovations Catalogue [unknown] 2:17
Bruno Hauptman Is Executed [unknown] ?:??
Bruno Loezer (choral) [unknown] 3:00
Brúnsveinsvísa [unknown] 8:32
Brunto Panto Bias [unknown] 1:58
Bruņurupuči [unknown] 3:42
Brush Teeth [unknown] 0:19
Brutal Regiment [unknown] 0:49
Brutal Revolution [unknown] 1:55
Brutalizzzer [unknown] ?:??
Brutus hat Zahnweh [unknown] 11:08
Bryan Adams vs. Bob Marley [unknown] 7:28
Bryan Adams vs. Bob Marley [unknown] ?:??
Bryan's Speech of Acceptance [unknown] ?:??
Bryan's Speech to Labor [unknown] ?:??
Bryggpromenad [unknown] 0:23
Bryne's Hornpipe [unknown] 1:03
Bt Equipment, Strawger Callmaker Ad Line Tester, Running [unknown] 2:04
Bt Equipment, Strawger Electromechanical Exchange [unknown] 2:04
Bt Exchanges, Crossbar Electromechanical Exchange [unknown] 2:03
Bt Exchanges, Telephone Operators, Jackfield Switchroom [unknown] 2:03
Bt Lines & Tones, Bt Ringtones [unknown] 0:34
Bt Lines & Tones, Called Party Rings Off, Std Line [unknown] 0:06
Bt Lines & Tones, Caller Rings Off, Local Line, With Tone [unknown] 0:48
Bt Lines & Tones, Engaged Signal [unknown] 0:40
Bt Lines & Tones, Equipment (System) Engaged [unknown] 0:26
Bt Lines & Tones, Group of Dialing Pulses From Phone [unknown] 0:18
Bt Lines & Tones, International Line Noise With Metering [unknown] 1:05
Bt Lines & Tones, Local Line Noise [unknown] 1:04
Bt Lines & Tones, Number Unobtainable [unknown] 0:35
Bt Lines & Tones, Pabx Ringtones, Phone Answered [unknown] 0:36
Bt Lines & Tones, Payhone (Button), Pips [unknown] 0:14
Bt Lines & Tones, Payphone (Dial), Pips [unknown] 0:22
Bt Lines & Tones, Std Line Noise Wth Faint Crosstalk [unknown] 1:05
Bt Lines & Tones, Std Rings (3), Phone Answered With Pip [unknown] 0:22
Bt Lines & Tones, Std Rings (4), Phone Answered With Pip [unknown] 0:23
Bt Payphone (Button), Money Inserted and Call Made, 9 Digits [unknown] 0:18
Bt Payphone (Button), Receiver Replaced and Coins Returned [unknown] 0:10
Bt Payphone (Button), Telephone Ringing in Callbox [unknown] 0:28
Bt Payphone (Dial), Call Dialled, 9 Digits [unknown] 0:24
Bt Payphone (Dial), Money Inserted [unknown] 0:08
Bt Payphone (Dial), Receiver Replaced More Forcefully [unknown] 0:07
Bt Payphone (Dial), Receiver Replaced Normally [unknown] 0:07
Bt Payphone (Dial), Telephone Ringing in Callbox [unknown] 0:30
Bt Phone, Statesman Model, 10 Rings and Pick-Up [unknown] 0:36
Bt Phone, Viscount Model, 12 Rings and Pick-Up [unknown] 0:43
Bu Akşam Bütün Meyhanelerini [unknown] 3:35
Bu Akşam Gün Batarken Gel Koro 3:10
Bu Gala [unknown] 1:12
Bu Gönül Ne Gülde Ne Gülşendedir Koro 3:35

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