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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Babes in Toyland: Go to Sleep, Slumber Deep (Jane, Alan, a Fairy, Chorus) Mary Ellen Pracht, Peter Palmer, Patricia Kelly, Chorus 5 1:49
Babes in Toyland: I Can't Do the Sun (Jane, Chorus) Mary Ellen Pracht, Chorus 5 3:02
Babes in Toyland: Never Mind Bo Peep, We Will Find Your Sheep (Bo Peep, Tom, Chorus) Jeanette Scovotti, Mallory Walker, Chorus 5 2:24
Babes in Toyland: Song of the Poet (Alan, Chorus) Peter Palmer, Chorus 5 3:07
Babetta [unknown] 2:17
Babetta (2) [unknown] 3:55
Babies and Children, 2 1-4 Year Old Baby Crying [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, 2 1-4 Year Old Baby Talking Nonsense [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Children Booing and Hissing, Recorded at St. Luke's Primary, Brighton [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Children Chattering Quietly. Recorded at St. Gilda's Convent, Hampstead [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Children Cheering. Recorded at St. Luke's Primary, Brighton [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Children, Quietly Fidgeting. Recorded at St. Gilda's Convent Hampstead [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Forty Children Outside on Wet Gravel. Recorded at Horseguards Parade [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Hysterical Children in Class, Quietened at End [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Noisy Children in Class (with Banging). Recorded at St. Gilda's Convent, Hampstead. [unknown] ?:??
Babies and Children, Two Thousand Children Outside. Recorded at Horseguards Parade [unknown] ?:??
Babolale, Lovesong From Paktia [unknown] 4:32
Babooshka [unknown] 1:22
Baby Birds in Flight [unknown] ?:??
Baby Blue [unknown] ?:??
Baby Blue [unknown] 3:23
Baby Bunting [unknown] 1:10
Baby Bunting [unknown] 1:10
Baby Bunting [unknown] 1:10
Baby Bunting [unknown] 0:46
Baby Can I Hold You [unknown] 3:14
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight [unknown] 3:10
Baby Chick Peeps Gospel Light 0:06
Baby come back [unknown] ?:??
Baby Come Back [unknown] 3:57
Baby Come Back [unknown] 1:03
Baby Come Back [unknown] 4:17
Baby Come to Me [unknown] ?:??
Baby Coo [unknown] 0:24
Baby Cries & Laughs, 2 Versions [unknown] 0:30
Baby Cries in Hospital Nursery [unknown] 0:14
Baby Crying Slowly [unknown] 1:07
Baby Don’t Hurt Me No More (I’m Not Giving Up On You remix) [unknown] 4:20
Baby Elephant Walk ABC for Kids 2:06
Baby Elephant Walk, from “Hatari” (Mancini/David) [unknown] 2:27
Baby Face [unknown] ?:??
Baby Feeding, With Breathing and Grunts [unknown] 0:49
Baby Got Back [unknown] 4:16
Baby Gurgles [unknown] 0:13
Baby Hiccups [unknown] 0:06
Baby I Love Your Way [unknown] 4:35
Baby I Love Your Way [unknown] 4:52
Baby I Love Your Way [unknown] 4:06
Baby I Miss You [unknown] 2:34
Baby in the Cradle [unknown] 9:16
Baby It's You [unknown] 2:47
Baby Laughs, Giggles and Sputters [unknown] 0:37
Baby Laughs, Various, Short [unknown] 0:17
Baby Let Me Take You Home [unknown] 0:47
Baby Love [unknown] 2:04
Baby Lullaby [unknown] 5:32
Baby Moaning With Pleasure [unknown] 0:13
Baby of Mine [unknown] 2:27
Baby on Board [unknown] 2:03
Baby One [unknown] ?:??
Baby Playing, Short Breath [unknown] 0:07
Baby Sleep Peacefully (Native American - Iroquois) [unknown] 5:16
Baby Sleep Tonight (Sam's Song) [unknown] 3:58
Baby Sneezes [unknown] 0:06
Baby Squeals, Excited, High-Pitched [unknown] 0:17
Baby Sucking Pacifier [unknown] 0:06
Baby Take Your Time [unknown] ?:??
Baby Take Your Time (Full Length) [unknown] ?:??
Baby Take Your Time (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Baby Talking [unknown] 0:06
Baby the Rain Must Fall Karaoke 2:38
Baby This Is Getting Serious (Doug with High remix) [unknown] 3:35
Baby Vocals (Playful) [unknown] 1:04
Baby Vocals, With Spitting and Burrs [unknown] 0:21
Baby Whines and Cries, With Huffs and Puffs [unknown] 0:17
Baby Whining Short Cries, With Snorts [unknown] 0:52
Baby You Were Meant For Me [unknown] 2:04
Baby-O Kindermusik 2:48
Baby-O Kindermusik 2:07
Baby, 12 Weeks Old, Boy, 6.1 Kg; Crying [unknown] 0:29
Baby, 12 Weeks Old, Boy, 6.1 Kg; Happy Sound [unknown] 0:32
Baby, 12 Weeks Old, Boy, 6.1 Kg; Sneezing [unknown] 0:11
Baby, It's Cold Outside [unknown] ?:??
Baby's Mama [unknown] 0:35
Baby’s Love Song Happy Baby ?:??
Babydoll Slowjam [unknown] ?:??
Babydoll Slowjam (30 second version) [unknown] ?:??
Babydoll Slowjam (underscore version) [unknown] ?:??
Babylon [unknown] 9:27
Babylon V [unknown] 3:00
BABYLON V Toons 3:00
Babys: abtrocknen [unknown] 1:24
Babys: anziehen [unknown] 0:59
Babys: im Bad [unknown] 2:22
Babys: niest [unknown] 0:06
Babys: schreit [unknown] 0:50
Babys: spielt [unknown] 1:12
Babys: trinkt [unknown] 0:48
Babys: wird Gefüttert [unknown] 1:20
Bac kim thang (Vietnam) [unknown] 1:30

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