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1991Country Banjos[unknown]1
1992Scottish Country Dances: Jigs, Waltzes and Reels[unknown]1
1994Music of Mangkunêgaran Solo I[unknown]3
1994The Magical Voices of Bulgaria[unknown]1
1994Bagpipe Marches and Music of Scotland: With Brass and Accordion Accompaniment[unknown]1
1994Haunted House Party[unknown]1
1994Runaway Train[unknown]1
1994Shades of Blue[unknown]1
1994Sounds to Haunt Your House[unknown]1
1995Tribal Chants, Drums and Songs of Africa[unknown]2
1995Chinese Bamboo Flute Music[unknown]2
1995The Sounds of the Aborigine: Music From the Australian Bush[unknown]1
1995Tranquillity: The Seasons[unknown]1
1995The Bells of Christmas[unknown]1
1995The Smurfs[unknown]1
1996Big Band Christmas[christmas music]1
1996Christmas Magic Played On Antique Music Boxes[christmas music]1
1996Family Music - Dance With Me[unknown]1
1997Traditional Music of the Japanese Geisha[unknown]1
1997The Edge of the Forest - Romanian Music From TransylvaniaMusic of the World Compilations1
1997Cool Boarders 2[unknown]1
1997Sax Holliday Collection[unknown]1
1997The Joys of Christmas[christmas music]1
1997Villancicos Populares[unknown]1
1998Christmas in the Country[christmas music]1
1998Märchen und Lieder: Hänsel und Gretel[unknown]1
1998Märchen und Lieder: Alice im Wunderland[unknown]1
1998Primitive Translations[unknown]1
1998The Music of Islam, Volume 2: Music of the South Sinai Bedouins[unknown]1
1998Thema Musik: Neue Musik nach 1960[unknown]1
1999Africa awakens[unknown]1
1999Christmas Swing[christmas music]2
1999Diving With Dolphins[unknown]2
1999Purple People Eater[unknown]1
1999Romantic Songs of Hawaii[unknown]1
2000International Christmas Party[christmas music]1
2000La Relaxation, quelques minutes pour se détendre[unknown]1
2000More Tunes for Tots[unknown]1
2000Soleil: Brazilian Smooth Jazz with Nature[unknown]1
2000Total Guitar: Classic Rock IV[unknown]1
2000The Heart of Christmas: Woodwind Sounds[christmas music]1
2001Time Crisis: Project Titan[unknown]1
2001Häschen in der Grube[unknown]1
2001Happy Birthday[unknown]1
2001Música de maestros, volumen 8[classical music]1
2001The Glory of Christmas[Christmas music]1
2001The Joy of Christmas[Christmas music]1
2002La Récré, volume 1 : Une souris verte et les plus jolies chansons de nos enfants[unknown]1
2002Dinosaur Sing Alongs[unknown]1
2002Drumprints Sampler One[unknown]1
2002Euphoria Sensual Soundscapes[unknown]1
2002Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!Children1
2002Julens mest populære sange[unknown]1
2003Sunset Moods[unknown]31
2003Vokalmusik: Berühmte Gregorianische Gesänge[unknown]1
2004Kinderen zingen 40 vrolijke peuterliedjes: Boem ra ta ka ta[unknown]1
2004Instrumentales del Ande[unknown]1
2004Romantic Guitar[unknown]1
2005Healing Spirits: Tantra[unknown]1
2005A Jazzy Christmas[unknown]1
2005Ballistic Bootlegs 2[unknown]1
2006Our Time Fiddle-dee-dee Home Album: Vol. 1[unknown]1
2006Our Time Fiddle-dee-dee Home Album: Vol. 2[unknown]1
2006Teke Yeke[unknown]1
2006Cars (Das Original-Hörspiel zum Film)[unknown]2
2006German Beer Drinking & Merrymaking Songs[unknown]1
2007Flamenco Guitar[unknown]1
2007Halloween Party[unknown]1
2008Four Thousand Years of Korean Folk Music[unknown]1
2009Seldom Felt 4[unknown]1
2009Christmas Angels[christmas music]1
2009The Art of the Flamenco - Ole![unknown]1
2009Forbidden Love[unknown]1
2009Bolt - Ein Hund Für Alle Fälle[unknown]1
2009Didgeridoo Lounge[unknown]31
2009Mittelalter Lounge[unknown]1
2009Seldom Felt 6[unknown]1
2009The First Noel; An Instrumental Collection[Christmas music]1
2010Turmerica / Jacobite Fool[unknown]1
2010ラジオ 俺の妹がラジオでもこんなに可愛いわけがない アニ店特急出張版[unknown]1
2010Happy Holidays![unknown]1
2010Les plus belles Comptines des Animaux[unknown]1
2010Specimen Aural Tests: ABRSM Grades 1–3[unknown]1
2011Dub Chronicles 1[unknown]1
2011Knowone LP001[unknown]1
2011Dub Chronicles 2[unknown]1
2011ゼルダの伝説 スカイウォードソード ピアノアレンジCD[unknown]1
2011Christmas Strings: Christmas Treasures[Christmas music]1
2012Journey I.[unknown]1
2013Knowone 014[unknown]1
2014Knowone 015[unknown]1
2014Happy RetirementHappy Retirement1
2014Die schönsten Lieder für die Kleinen[unknown]1

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