Do not merge this artist with The Stooges. James Williamson is not a member of “The Stooges” and is the significant difference in Iggy & The Stooges – the member that pushed “The Stooges” guitarist Ron Asheton to bass guitar. Iggy says although “The Stooges” died with Ron Asheton, there is still “Iggy and the Stooges”.

Do not split this artist into Iggy & The Stooges. This is not a one-off collaboration but rather a long standing relationship with significant output. The relationship continues to this day.

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Russia MelodiaIggy Pop and The Stooges1


1973Raw PowerIggy and The Stooges3.523
2007Back to the NoiseIggy and The Stooges1
2013Ready to DieIggy and The Stooges34

Album + Compilation

1987Kill City / I’m Sick Of YouIggy Pop & James Williamson / Iggy and The Stooges2
1987Rubber LegsIggy and The Stooges1
1988Open Up and BleedIggy and The Stooges1
1989My Girl Hates My HeroinIggy and The Stooges2
1994Rough PowerIggy & The Stooges2
1995Your Pretty Face Is Going to HellIggy Pop and The Stooges3
1997Year of the IguanaIggy and The Stooges2
1997Head OnIggy and The Stooges1
2004Penetration: The Best of the Legendary Demo & Rehearsal RecordingsIggy & The Stooges1
2005Heavy LiquidIggy and The Stooges1
2006Original PunksIggy Pop & The Stooges1
2009More PowerIggy and The Stooges1
2010Jesus Loves The StoogesIggy and The Stooges1
2010Move Ass BabyIggy and The Stooges1
2010Dirty PowerIggy and The Stooges1
2011I Wanna Be Your DogIggy and The Stooges1
2011The Detroit Tapes (ReIssue of 2009 Album "More Power")Iggy and The Stooges1
2018Rare PowerIggy and The Stooges1
2020From K.O. to Chaos: The Complete Skydog Iggy Pop & The Stooges CollectionIggy and The Stooges1
2021Born in a Trailer: The Session & Rehearsal Tapes ’72–’73Iggy and The Stooges1

Album + Live

1976Metallic ’KOIggy and The Stooges510
1995Open Up and Bleed!Iggy and The Stooges2
1997California BleedingIggy & The Stooges3
2000Michigan Palace 10/6/73Iggy & The Stooges1
2000Double DangerIggy & The Stooges1
2001Wild LoveIggy and The Stooges1
2005Telluric ChaosIggy and The Stooges33
2007Escaped ManiacsIggy & The Stooges1
2010Tour 2010 – Live in London – 02.05.2010Iggy and The Stooges1
2011Raw Power Live: In the Hands of the FansIggy and The Stooges1
2012Sadistic Summer Live 2011Iggy and The Stooges1
2020You Think You’re Bad, Man? The Road Tapes ’73–’74Iggy and The Stooges1


1977I Got a RightIggy & The Stooges53
1988She Creatures of Hollywood HillsIggy and The Stooges2
1990NowhereIggy and The Stooges1
1990Till the End of the NightIggy and The Stooges1
2022Cock in My PocketIggy & The Stooges1

Single + Live

1977(I Got) NothingIggy and The Stooges2
1990TV EyeIggy and The Stooges1


1977I’m Sick of You!Iggy and The Stooges35
1992Siamese DogsIggy and The Stooges1


Search and Destroy: The Detroit Studio Out-takesIggy & The Stooges1

Broadcast + Live

20082007-06-23: Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, UKIggy and The Stooges1

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