Bob Bates

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member of:The Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Pell Octet (bass)
siblings:Norm Bates (double-bass player)
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Wikidata:Q887788 [info]
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1954-03-30Back Bay BluesbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:33
1954-03-30Crazy ChrisbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:55
1954-03-30Gone With the WindbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:10
1954-05Balcony Rockdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet11:55
1954-05Don't Worry 'bout Medouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:46
1954-05I Want to Be Happydouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:35
1954-05Le Soukdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet4:36
1954-05Out of Nowheredouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:04
1954-05Take the “A” Traindouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:10
1954-05The Song Is Youdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:38
1954-07-22Here Lies LovebassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:51
1954-07-22When You're SmilingbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:22
1954-10-12A Fine RomancebassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet3:50
1954-10-12Audreydouble bass [bass]Paul Desmond3:35
1954-10-12AudreybassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet3:35
1954-10-12Jeepers CreepersbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet4:58
1954-10-13Stompin’ for MilibassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:27
1954-10-14Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:17
1954-10-14Pennies From HeavenbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:29
1954-10-14Why Do I Love Youdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet?:??
1954-10-14Why Do I Love You?bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:42
1954-11-10Keepin’ Out of Mischief NowbassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:07
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Cheek to CheekbassThe Dave Pell Octet2:52
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Dance for DaddybassThe Dave Pell Octet1:42
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04East of the SunbassThe Dave Pell Octet3:02
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04If I Had YoubassThe Dave Pell Octet2:42
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Let's Face the Music and DancebassThe Dave Pell Octet3:05
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Look Who's DancingbassThe Dave Pell Octet3:15
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Prom to PrombassThe Dave Pell Octet2:52
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04The ContinentalbassThe Dave Pell Octet2:34
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Walkin' My Baby Back HomebassThe Dave Pell Octet2:59
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04When I Take My Sugar to TeabassThe Dave Pell Octet2:58
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04YoubassThe Dave Pell Octet2:50
1956-05-28 – 1956-06-04Young and HealthybassThe Dave Pell Octet3:19
A Fine Romancedouble bassDave Brubeck3:52
Audreydouble bassDave Brubeck3:35
Back Bay Bluesdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:41
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?double bassDave Brubeck5:23
Gone With the Winddouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:12
Here Lies Lovedouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:03
Indianadouble bassDave Brubeck5:55
Jeepers Creepersdouble bassDave Brubeck5:01
Keepin’ Out of Mischief Nowdouble bassDave Brubeck5:06
Love Walked Indouble bassDave Brubeck8:51
Pennies From Heavendouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:16
Sometimes I’m Happydouble bassDave Brubeck5:26
Stompin’ for Milidouble bassDave Brubeck5:20
The Dukedouble bassDave Brubeck2:45
When You're Smilingdouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:24
Why Do I Love Youdouble bassDave Brubeck5:15
Jazz Goes Dancing (Prom to Prom)bassThe Dave Pell Octet
Jazz Goes to Collegedouble bassThe Dave Brubeck Quartet