Alfred Deller (countertenor)

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1954Elizabethan and Jacobean MusicAlfred Deller1
1954Music of Henry Purcell, Jenkins and LockeHenry Purcell, Jenkins, Locke; Alfred Deller, Gustav Leonhardt, Leonhardt Baroque Ensemble with Consort of Viols2
1955Come Ye Sons of ArtHenry Purcell; Margaret Ritchie, Alfred Deller1
1955The Three Ravens - Elizabethan Folk & Minstrel SongsAlfred Deller2
1956Music of Buxtehude / Lutenist SongsDietrich Buxtehude; Alfred Deller, Denis Vaughan, Eileen McLoughlin, Maurice Bevan, Eli Goren, Leonard Friedman, Anna Shuttleworth, Desmond Dupré1
1956Ode for St. Cecilia's DayHenry Purcell;Alfred Deller, Ambrosian Singers, Michael Tippett, Kalmar Chamber Orchestra of London1
1958Homage to Henry PurcellHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, April Cantelo, Maurice Bevan3
1958Western Wind (and Other English Ballads & Folk Songs)Alfred Deller2
1959Welcome to All the Pleasures (Ode on St. Cecilia's Day 1683) / Ode on the Death of Henry PurcellHenry Purcell, John Blow; Kalmar Chamber Orchestra of London, Alfred Deller1
1962Come Ye Sons of Art / The Bell Anthem / My Beloved Spake - AnthemHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, Soloists of the Deller Consort, The Oriana Concert Choir & Orchestra, Mark Deller2
1964Dido and AeneasHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, Oriana Concert Choir and Orchestra, Harold Lester2
1965The Masque in DioclesianHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, The Deller Consort, Choir and Orchestra of the Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt1
1966A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1966 studio cast)Britten; Alfred Deller, Elizabeth Harwood, Peter Pears, Thomas Hemsley, Josephine Veasey, Heather Harper, Stephen Terry, John Shirley‐Quirk, Helen Watts, Owen Brannigan, Norman Lumsden, Kenneth MacDonald, David Kelly, Robert Tear, Keith Raggett, London Symphony, Benjamin Britten2
1967Shakespeare Songs and Consort MusicAlfred Deller, Deller Consort, Desmond Dupré3
1975AnthemsHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, Deller Consort: Honor Sheppard, Jean Knibbs, Alfred Deller, Mark Deller, John Buttrey, Maurice Bevan, Graham Sorrell, Simon Standage, Eleanor Sloan, Monica Huggett, Stuart Deeks, Brian Hawkins, Jane Ryan, Ian Gammie & Robert Elliott3
1977Cantates, Préludes et Fugues (Cantate « Jubilate Domino »)Dieterich Buxtehude; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller & René Saorgin1
1984King Arthur (extraits)Purcell; Deller Consort, The King's Musick, Alfred Deller3
1986King ArthurPurcell; Deller Consort, Chœur, The King's Musick, Alfred Deller1
1987Leçons de Tenebres: Feria quintaCarlo Gesualdo; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller1
1987O Ravishing Delight: Airs AnglaisAlfred Deller1
1988Cantates, Préludes & FuguesDieterich Buxtehude; Alfred Deller, René Saorgin21
1988Te Deum & Jubilate DeoHenry Purcell; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller1
1988Welcome to All the PleasuresPurcell; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller1
1989William Byrd: MessesAlfred Deller & Deller Consort1
1991The Holly And The Ivy - Christmas Carols of Old EnglandAlfred Deller & The Deller Consort1
1991The Three Ravens - Elizabethan Folk & Minstrel Songs[anonymous]; Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré2
1992Music for a While / O SolitudeHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, Wieland Kuijken, William Christie, Roderick Skeaping4
1992The Fairy QueenHenry Purcell; Deller Consort, Stour Music Chorus & Orchestra, Alfred Deller1
1994Duos de Contre-Ténors (Duets for Counter-Tenors)Alfred Deller, Mark Deller, Ensemble of Baroque Instruments1
1995Music In Reims Cathedral And In Notre-Dame De ParisVarious ArtistsDeller Consort, Members Of Collegium Aureum, Alfred Deller1
1995The Cries of London - The Cruel Mother and other English Ballads and Folk SongsAlfred Deller, The Deller Consort41
1996Leçons de ténèbresCouperin; Alfred Deller, Philip Todd, Raphaël Perulli, Michel Chapuis1
1996The Indian QueenPurcell; Deller Consort, The King’s Musick, Alfred Deller1
1998The Fairy QueenHenry Purcell; Deller Consort, Stour Music Chorus, Stour Music Orchestra, Alfred Deller1
2001Les plus beaux chants des CastratsJames Bowman, Alfred Deller1
2001Leçons de ténèbresFrançois Couperin; Alfred Deller, Philip Todd, Raphaël Perulli, Michel Chapuis1
2003FolksongsAlfred Deller, Mark Deller, Desmond Dupré3
2003Chansons de tavernes et de chapellesHenry Purcell; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller1
2003Deller's Choice: A Concert of Music both Rare and RewardingCipriano de Rore, Viadana, Schütz, Froberger, Blow, Purcell, Locke, Humfrey, J. S. Bach, Weldon, Handel; Alfred Deller, Gustav Leonhardt3
2008Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry PurcellJohn Blow; Stour Music Festival Chamber Orchestra, Deller Consort, Alfred Deller1
2010A Musical Panorama of Shakespeare’s EnglandAlfred Deller1
2010Purcell: Come Ye Songs of Art / Lully: MiserereHenry Purcell, Jean‐Baptiste Lully; Alfred Deller, Elsie Morison, L'Ensemble Orchestral de L'Oiseau-Lyre & Margaret Ritchie1
2016Voices from Ancient Abbeys: Plainchant & PolyphonyEnsemble Organum and Marcel Pérès, Deller Consort and Alfred Deller,Paul Hillier and Theatre of Voices, Anonymous 41

Album + Compilation

1988The Lamentations of JeremiahThomas Tallis; Deller Consort, Alfred Deller42
1993Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet / Five HymnsThomas Tallis; The Deller Consort, Alfred Deller51
2008The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 3: Christmas Carols and MotetsAlfred Deller & The Deller Consort1
2008The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 2: Music of Henry PurcellHenry Purcell; Alfred Deller, The Deller Consort1
2008The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 1: Folk Songs and BalladsAlfred Deller, The Deller Consort1
2018« If Music Be The Food Of Love » / SongsPurcell; Catherine Bott, Karina Gauvin, Nancy Argenta, Barbara Bonney, Jennifer Smith, Lynne Dawson, Ruby Hughes, Paul Elliott, Paul Agnew, Alfred Deller, Howard Crook1
The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 6: French and Italian Discoveries 1200-1700Alfred Deller & The Deller Consort1
The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 4: Music of Handel Bach and English RenaissanceAlfred Deller & The Deller Consort1
The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume 5: English, French and Italian MadrigalsAlfred Deller & The Deller Consort1

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