Danny Gottlieb (Drummer)

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member of:Mahavishnu Orchestra (from 1985 until 1987)
original member of:Pat Metheny Group (from 1977 until 1982)
students:Konrad Ulrich (drummer)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1976-11B & G (Midwestern Night Dream)drums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber8:22
1976-11Claude and Bettydrums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber6:16
1976-11Nacadadrums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber4:10
1976-11Sea Journeydrums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber9:14
1976-11The Whopperdrums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber5:28
1976-11Yellow Fieldsdrums (drum set)Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber6:58
1977-02Icefiredrums (drum set)Pat Metheny6:09
1977-02Lakesdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny4:47
1977-02Oasisdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny4:05
1977-02River Quaydrums (drum set)Pat Metheny4:58
1977-02Sea Songdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny10:18
1977-02Suite: I. Florida Greeting Songdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny2:33
1977-02Suite: II. Legend of the Fountaindrums (drum set)Pat Metheny2:32
1977-02Watercolorsdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny6:30
1977-08-31Phase DancerDan Gottliebdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group8:44
1977-08-31San LorenzoDan Gottliebdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group10:57
1977-08-31WatercolorsDan Gottliebdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group7:51
1977-08-31Wrong Is RightDan Gottliebdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group6:29
1978-01April Joydrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group8:15
1978-01Aprilwinddrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group2:09
1978-01Jacodrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group5:41
1978-01Lone Jackdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group6:44
1978-01Phase Dancedrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group8:22
1978-01San Lorenzodrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group10:17
1979-06(Cross the) Heartlanddrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group6:49
1979-06Airstreamdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group6:19
1979-06American Garagedrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group4:12
1979-06American Garagedrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group4:12
1979-06Guitar Solodrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group5:06
1979-06Jacodrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group5:05
1979-06Missouridrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group7:24
1979-06Phase Dancedrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group7:50
1979-06The Epicdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group17:49
1979-06The Epicdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group12:59
1979-06The Searchdrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group4:50
1979-06Unity Villagedrums (drum set)Pat Metheny Group6:35
1983Malinyeadrums (drum set)Jim Pepper4:18
1983Squaw Songdrums (drum set)Jim Pepper5:26
1983Waterdrums (drum set)Jim Pepper5:44
1985-02Guarujádrums (drum set)Randy Brecker & Eliane Elias8:51
1985-02Para nada (For Nothing)drums (drum set)Randy Brecker & Eliane Elias7:10
1985-02Samba de Bambadrums (drum set)Randy Brecker & Eliane Elias8:16
1985Flight of the Falcondrums (drum set)Bill Evans7:23
1985Gardiners GardenpercussionBill Evans4:31
1985Jojodrums (drum set)Bill Evans6:22
1985Let the Juice Loosedrums (drum set)Bill Evans5:41
1985Survival of the Fittestdrums (drum set)Bill Evans3:26
1985The Alternative Mandrums (drum set)Bill Evans5:45
1985The Cry in Her Eyesdrums (drum set)Bill Evans5:41
1985The Path of Least Resistancedrums (drum set)Bill Evans4:37
1986-12-01Gates - Illuminationdrums (drum set)Gil Evans17:39
1986-12-01Half Man, Half Cookiedrums (drum set)Gil Evans10:30
1986-12-01 – 1986-12-22Cosmosdrums (drum set)Gil Evans11:04
1986-12-01 – 1986-12-22Let the Juice Loosedrums (drum set)Gil Evans12:01
1986-12-01 – 1986-12-22Little Wingdrums (drum set)Gil Evans15:54
1986-12-01 – 1986-12-22Waltzdrums (drum set)Gil Evans19:56
1986-12-01 – 1986-12-22Your Numberdrums (drum set)Gil Evans14:14
1986-12-22Bud And Birddrums (drum set)Gil Evans8:48
1986-12-22Groove From The Louvredrums (drum set)Gil Evans22:01
1986-12-22Nicaragua Bluesdrums (drum set)Gil Evans7:41
1987-07-11Consider Me Gonedrums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans6:20
1987-07-11Expdrums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans9:24
1987-07-11Little Wingdrums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans9:39
1987-07-11Strange Fruitdrums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans7:03
1987-07-11Tea in the Sahara (live, 1987-07-11: Perugia Jazz Festival, Italy)drums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans8:40
1987-07-11There Comes a Timedrums (drum set)Sting & Gil Evans4:38
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Bud and Birddrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra19:31
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Elevendrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra2:21
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Little Wingdrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra21:14
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Orange Was the Colour of Her Dress Then Blue Silkdrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra8:34
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Orgonedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra11:20
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Sometimesdrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra7:49
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Stone Freedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra18:30
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Subwaydrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra13:43
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19There Comes a Timedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra12:43
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Up From the Skiesdrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra9:34
1987-07-12 – 1987-07-19Wake Updrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra6:32
1987-07 – 1987-08Jacodrums (drum set)Jonas Hellborg3:12
1987-11Cubic Zirconiadrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:18
1987-11I Hear a Rhapsodydrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:59
1987-11If I Were a Belldrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:50
1987-11In Your Own Sweet Waydrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne12:00
1987-11Maximum Densitydrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne4:40
1987-11Night and Daydrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:24
1987-11Once I Loveddrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne6:12
1987-11Pannonicadrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne3:50
1987-11Song Is Youdrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:56
1987-11True Colorsdrums (drum set)Andy LaVerne5:40
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Duetdrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra6:59
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Elevendrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra1:05
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Londondrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra16:31
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Moonstruck Onedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra1:44
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Orgonedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra15:42
1988-07-08 – 1988-07-24Prelude to Orgonedrums (drum set)The Gil Evans Orchestra4:18
1989-02Amber Linndrums (drum set)Elements5:38
1989-02American Hopedrums (drum set)Elements6:50
1989-02Coral Canyondrums (drum set)Elements6:16
1989-02Fb 206drums (drum set)Elements5:40
1989-02Liberal Artspercussion [electronic percussion]Elements4:24
1989-02Liberal Artsdrums (drum set)Elements4:24
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Amber LinnElements5:38
American HopeElements6:50
Coral CanyonElements6:16
Fb 206Elements5:40
Liberal ArtsElements4:24
Liberal Arts - (extended version)Elements8:06
Michele's DanceElements5:08
Amber LinnElements5:38
American HopeElements6:50
Coral CanyonElements6:16
Fb 206Elements5:40
Liberal ArtsElements4:24
Liberal Arts - (extended version)Elements8:06
Michele's DanceElements5:08
1996Three Triosdrums (drum set)Nguyên Lê
2010-01High Standardsdrums (drum set)Jeff Berlin
Americanadrums (drum set)Pablo Paredes
Cielo e terradrums (drum set)Al Di Meola
Keenyodrums (drum set)Mark McMillen
Live From Chicago's House of BluesDanny "G-Force" Gottliebdrums (drum set)Blues Brothers and Friends
What Is New?drums (drum set)Olivier Peters