Lily Ho Chen

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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-1839.1 Degrees CelsiusLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith4:48
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Battle WatchLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:13
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Borg MontageLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:04
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Borg Montage (alternate)Lily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:21
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18End CreditsLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith5:33
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18EvacuateLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:23
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18First ContactLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith6:04
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Flight of the PhoenixLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith6:23
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Fully FunctionalLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith3:21
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Getting ReadyLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:37
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18How Many ShipsLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith0:32
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Main Title (alternate)Lily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:55
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Main Title / LocutusLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith4:19
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18New Orders / All the TimeLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith3:52
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18No SuccessLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:34
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Not AgainLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:44
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Objection NotedLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:57
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Red AlertLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:17
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18RetreatLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith4:01
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Search for the BorgLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:54
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Shields DownLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:49
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18SmorgasborgLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:31
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18StimulationLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:08
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Temporal WakeLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:10
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18The DishLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith7:09
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18The PhoenixLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:04
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18The Phoenix (alternate)Lily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith1:10
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18They’re HereLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith0:29
1999-10-14 – 1999-10-18Welcome AboardLily ChenviolinJerry Goldsmith2:43
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Alkali LakeviolinJohn Ottman1:59
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Augmentation Room (Death Strikes Deathstrike)violinJohn Ottman4:58
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29CerebroviolinJohn Ottman1:27
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Deathstrike Dies/Magneto’s Old TricksviolinJohn Ottman5:53
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Evolution Leaps ForwardviolinJohn Ottman3:10
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Evolution Leaps Forward (original version)violinJohn Ottman0:51
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Fireside Chat / Flashback / Jean and Logan / You Know What I WantviolinJohn Ottman5:02
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29God Among Insects / Where Is Everyone?violinJohn Ottman2:11
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Goodbye / We’re Here to StayviolinJohn Ottman7:04
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29I’m InviolinJohn Ottman4:21
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29It’s TimeviolinJohn Ottman3:53
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Jason’s Story / Harmless KissviolinJohn Ottman3:29
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Jean’s Hallucination/Something TerribleviolinJohn Ottman1:02
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Magneto’s EscapeviolinJohn Ottman1:27
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Mansion Attack / Don’t You Remember / EscapeviolinJohn Ottman7:54
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Meeting NightcrawlerviolinJohn Ottman2:20
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Newscast/Permission/ReunionviolinJohn Ottman3:38
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Nightcrawler AttackviolinJohn Ottman3:18
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Opening Cerebro / Bottom’s UpviolinJohn Ottman1:58
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Opening TitlesviolinJohn Ottman1:09
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Pyro AttackviolinJohn Ottman3:15
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Rogue Earns WingsviolinJohn Ottman2:23
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Sneaky MystiqueviolinJohn Ottman4:01
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Storm’s Perfect Storm / MissilesviolinJohn Ottman2:20
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits film version)violinJohn Ottman9:10
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits original version)violinJohn Ottman7:17
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29The Children/Something’s WrongviolinJohn Ottman2:40
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Twentieth Century Fox FanfareviolinAlfred Newman0:22
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29What Bobby Can Do / Finding FaithviolinJohn Ottman2:49
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Wolverine to the RescueviolinJohn Ottman8:16
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Xavier EscapesviolinJohn Ottman1:26
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29You Remember HimviolinJohn Ottman2:29
A Musical ApologyviolinSusan Egan2:30
A New EndingviolinJerry Goldsmith8:36
A New Ending (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith6:11
A New FriendviolinJerry Goldsmith2:38
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:57
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:56
A New Life (alternate 1)violinJerry Goldsmith5:41
A New Life (alternate 2)violinJerry Goldsmith3:17
All Things in TimeviolinSusan Egan4:00
Arthur's FanfareviolinJerry Goldsmith0:45
Arthur's FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:27
Arthur’s FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:28
Attack PatternviolinJerry Goldsmith2:23
Attack Pattern (Alternate Mix)violinJerry Goldsmith2:23
Battle StationsviolinJerry Goldsmith2:42
Battle Stations (alternate mix)violinJerry Goldsmith2:42
Be Careful (Cuidado con mi corazón)violinRicky Martin & Madonna4:05
Bed Time / TransportviolinJerry Goldsmith1:38
Blood TestviolinJerry Goldsmith1:26
Blue SkiesviolinJerry Goldsmith3:17
Blue Skies (instrumental)violinJerry Goldsmith2:39
Boat TripviolinJerry Goldsmith2:05
Boat Trip (alternate segment)violinJerry Goldsmith1:08
Bridge Over Troubled WaterviolinSusan Egan5:59
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:40
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:20
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith5:39
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith4:04
Children Will ListenviolinSusan Egan, duet with Georgia Stitt2:49
Cock-Eyed OptimistviolinSusan Egan3:05
Data & B-4 (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith1:39
Director and ComposerviolinJerry Goldsmith2:37
Does It Please You / Look At MeviolinJerry Goldsmith3:27
EngageviolinJerry Goldsmith2:13
Escape from the CaveviolinJerry Goldsmith3:28
Final Flight (Star Trek: Nemesis)violinJerry Goldsmith3:47
Firing SequenceviolinJerry Goldsmith0:57
From the Stars (Isla’s song)violinSusan Egan3:40
Full ReverseviolinJerry Goldsmith1:41
Gauntlet DrumsviolinJerry Goldsmith1:53
His Plans / Data & B-4violinJerry Goldsmith2:41
I Have YouviolinSusan Egan3:29
IdealsviolinJerry Goldsmith2:17
Lateral RunviolinJerry Goldsmith3:55
Meet the QueenviolinJerry Goldsmith0:47
MomsenseviolinSusan Egan3:00
My Right ArmviolinJerry Goldsmith1:04
Never SurrenderviolinJerry Goldsmith5:43
Never Surrender (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith5:20
Night BattleviolinJerry Goldsmith5:40
Night BattleviolinJerry Goldsmith5:55
Nina Doesn’t CareviolinSusan Egan3:14
No Joy / Try Her / Wedding Plans / I Will FightviolinJerry Goldsmith3:00
Not FunctionalviolinJerry Goldsmith2:56
Odds and EndsviolinJerry Goldsmith4:39
Open the Door /No One MoveviolinJerry Goldsmith1:59
OptionsviolinJerry Goldsmith0:58
Options (alternate mix)violinJerry Goldsmith0:57
Options (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith0:56
Perfect Timing / AllegianceviolinJerry Goldsmith2:20
Promise MeviolinJerry Goldsmith2:22
Promise MeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:06
Prove ItviolinJerry Goldsmith2:57
Raid on LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith4:28
Raid on LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith5:12
RemusviolinJerry Goldsmith1:58
RepairsviolinJerry Goldsmith6:28
Riker vs. ViceroyviolinJerry Goldsmith0:21
Riker’s Strut #1 (Mike Lang)violinJerry Goldsmith1:02
Riker’s Strut #2 (Mike Lang)violinJerry Goldsmith1:07
SecretsviolinJerry Goldsmith1:28
Secrets (alternate mix)violinJerry Goldsmith1:29
Star Field / Positronic SignalviolinJerry Goldsmith2:00
That Song / An HonorviolinJerry Goldsmith1:28
The Ambush / First Sight (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith5:48
The ArgoviolinJerry Goldsmith1:17
The BoxviolinJerry Goldsmith2:22
The CaveviolinJerry Goldsmith2:16
The Gauntlet / No KissviolinJerry Goldsmith2:05
The Invitation / True Nature / Let’s Go To WorkviolinJerry Goldsmith4:37
The KissviolinJerry Goldsmith2:00
The KnifeviolinJerry Goldsmith3:11
The Legend of CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith1:00
The Me of the MomentviolinSusan Egan3:41
The MineviolinJerry Goldsmith1:28
The Mine (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith1:31
The MirrorviolinJerry Goldsmith5:23
The ScorpionviolinJerry Goldsmith2:25
The Secret of HappinessviolinSusan Egan2:54
The Wanting of YouviolinSusan Egan5:17
To LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith3:25
To LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith3:27
To Leonesse (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith2:44
True Love / The Ambush / First SightviolinJerry Goldsmith6:26
True Nature (alternate mix)violinJerry Goldsmith1:32
Village RuinsviolinJerry Goldsmith3:21
Village RuinsviolinJerry Goldsmith3:23
Village Ruins (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith3:31
Walls of AirviolinJerry Goldsmith1:35
Your Brother / Course PlottedviolinJerry Goldsmith2:07
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House)Lily ChenviolinNatalie Cole