1968Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival3.721
1969Bayou CountryCreedence Clearwater Revival4.224
1969Green RiverCreedence Clearwater Revival4.2532
1969Willy and the Poor BoysCreedence Clearwater Revival4.5531
1970Cosmo’s FactoryCreedence Clearwater Revival4.431
1970PendulumCreedence Clearwater Revival4.324
1972Mardi GrasCreedence Clearwater Revival3.3513

Album + Compilation

1970Spirit OrgaszmusJeronimo and Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1972Creedence GoldCreedence Clearwater Revival59
1973More Creedence GoldCreedence Clearwater Revival55
1974C.C.R. Best 20Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1976Chronicle: The 20 Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival featuring John Fogerty4.836
1976The Best Of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
19781968 / 1969Creedence Clearwater Revival1
197920 Golden GreatsCreedence Clearwater Revival2
1981Creedence CountryCreedence Clearwater Revival54
1981Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival2
1981Hits AlbumCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1982Chooglin’Creedence Clearwater Revival54
1985The Best of C.C.R.Creedence Clearwater Revival51
198516 ExitosCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1986Chronicle, Volume 2Creedence Clearwater Revival512
1986The Fantastic Creedence Clearwater StoryCreedence Clearwater Revival51
1986The Very Best of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival52
1987The Complete Hit Album, Volume 2Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1987The Complete Hit Album, Volume 1Creedence Clearwater Revival2
1988Роллинг Стоунз / КриденсThe Rolling Stones / Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1989Classic Rock: Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1990Creedence Clearwater Revival 21st Anniversary: The Ultimate CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival52
1990All Time Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1990Chronicle & Chronicle Volume TwoCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1991La légende de CreedenceCreedence Clearwater Revival52
1991Greatest Hits, Volume 1Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1991Greatest Hits, Volume 2Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1991The Complete Hit‐AlbumCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1992Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1992Heartland Music Presents Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1993Platinum: The Ultimate CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival3
1993The Best of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival2
1993The Creedence Clearwater Revival CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1994The Legends CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival52
1994Really the BestCreedence Clearwater Revival42
1994Creedence Clearwater Revival, Volume 2Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1994Creedence Clearwater Revival, Volume 1Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1994Platinum, Volume IICreedence Clearwater Revival1
1995The Best of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
199525 grandes exitosCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1995Forever: 36 Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1995Keep On Chooglin’Creedence Clearwater Revival1
1995Proud Mary: BestCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1996AnniversaryCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1997BestCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1997Anniversary II: The Ultimate CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1997The Ultimate Collection: Anniversary EditionCreedence Clearwater Revival54
1998Bad Moon Rising: Best IICreedence Clearwater Revival2
19987 CD—CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1998All Time Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1998Creedence GoldCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1998Star Power: Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1998West Coast CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1999Rollin’ on the RiverCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1999AnthologyCreedence Clearwater Revival1
1999The Very Best OfCreedence Clearwater Revival31
2000At the MoviesCreedence Clearwater Revival51
2000The Ultimate Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
200036 All‐Time Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival2
2001Creedence Clearwater Revival (boxed set)Creedence Clearwater Revival2.53
2001PlatinumCreedence Clearwater Revival52
200224 CaratCreedence Clearwater Revival2
2002The Very Best Of …Creedence Clearwater Revival1
2003Bad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2003Best OfCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2003The Premier CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2004Absolute OriginalsCreedence Clearwater Revival2
2005Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2005Inside Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival51
2005The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty · Creedence CollectionJohn Fogerty · Creedence4.355
2005Colección 5 estrellasCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2005Creedence Clearwater Revival Featuring John FogertyCreedence Clearwater Revival51
2005Scandinavian CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2006Gold CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2007Forever LegendsCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2007Rock LegendsCreedence Clearwater Revival52
2007Best OfCreedence Clearwater Revival54
2008CollectedCreedence Clearwater Revival51
2008The Complete Collection (40th anniversary editions reissues)Creedence Clearwater Revival1
200816 KlassikerCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2009Born on the Bayou (DVD)Creedence Clearwater Revival51
2009Covers the ClassicsCreedence Clearwater Revival52
2009Creedence Clearwater Revival (40th anniversary editions box set)Creedence Clearwater Revival1
2009Opus CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2009The Singles CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival53
2012The Ultimate CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2012Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival: Greatest Hits & All‐Time ClassicsCreedence Clearwater Revival52
2013Bad Moon Rising: The CollectionCreedence Clearwater Revival43
2014The 1969 SinglesCreedence Clearwater Revival2
2014Greatest HitsCreedence Clearwater Revival2
2014SUS 20 grandes exitosCreedence Clearwater Revival1
2014The Complete Studio AlbumsCreedence Clearwater Revival2
20161969 Box SetCreedence Clearwater Revival1

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