The Panacea (drum 'n bass artist Mathis Mootz)

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legal name: Mathis Mootz
member of: Disorder (UK drum n bass duo Panacea & Problem Child)
The Redeemer
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
German Engineering The Panacea 6:02
Badman Anthem (Soundbwoy Remember This!)
Clicks Per Second
Faggot House
Ganja Smoker (Till the Eyes Are Blind)
Kill the Processors
Mothership 2
Species I
Species II
2000 A.D.D. Fuck It! EP UFO!
Synthetic Fury DJ Spooky 7:05
Battlestations turntable The Panacea feat. Rant & The Redeemer 5:56
Heat Seekers turntable The Panacea feat. Rant 4:28
Interlude for Hitsquad turntable The Panacea 1:45
Intro turntable The Panacea 2:27
Wahrheit oder fiktion / Reality-Fiction turntable The Panacea feat. Ronin 5:37
Position Chrome Restrospective The Panacea
Therapy Session 7 Panacea
Rasta Zombies (feat. Panacea) Needle Sharing 6:29
World Domination Enterprises additional Twintone
Assumptive The Panacea 3:32
Badman Anthem (Soundbwoy Remember This!) Rich Kid 3:55
Calls From the Public I. (She Gets Naked) The Panacea 0:31
Calls From the Public II. (Du bist der derbste) The Panacea 0:25
Calls From the Public III. (Deutscher Hip-Hop) The Panacea 0:27
Calls From the Public IV. (Chicks) The Panacea 0:38
Calls From the Public V. (Leave the Room) The Panacea 0:36
Calls From the Public VI. (Heroin) The Panacea 0:38
Concrete The Panacea 7:41
Datastorm The Panacea 6:52
Depopulate The Panacea 5:33
Embark The Panacea 4:36
Firezones The Panacea 5:45
Frustrated The Panacea 2:44
Fucked Up McKnzm The Panacea 2:45
Ganja Smoker (Till the Eyes Are Blind) Rich Kid 3:46
Gunrunner The Panacea feat. Rant 4:15
Heat Seekers The Panacea feat. Rant 4:28
Hellbringer Panacea 5:34
Highly Developed The Panacea 3:38
Hitsquad The Panacea 6:31
I’m Losing U Panacea 6:36
Interlude for Heat Seekers The Panacea 1:49
Interlude for Hitsquad The Panacea 1:45
Intro The Panacea 2:27
Languish-1. (1.6 Mio $ Ongoing) The Panacea 3:06
Languish-2. (Individual) The Panacea 2:37
Lowtek (intro) Panacea 5:37
Lowtek (outro) Panacea 1:24
No Tension The Panacea 2:05
No Verve-1. (Ongoing) The Panacea 3:33
No Verve-2. The Panacea 3:01
Onerous (My Slickness) The Panacea 4:13
Phoenix Metabolism The Panacea 2:32
Plain The Panacea 2:48
Pong / Ping-1. (Ongoing) The Panacea 3:40
Pong / Ping-2. The Panacea 1:43
Reality (remix) Panacea 9:40
Return of the Ruffnecks (Panacea remix) additional Twintone 5:44
Shiver Panacea 5:53
Snippet I. (Bootyology) The Panacea 0:53
Snippet II. (True Story) The Panacea 4:25
Species I Warfare ?:??
Species II Warfare ?:??
Stormbringer Panacea 7:03
Suicidal-1. (Ongoing) The Panacea 2:31
Suicidal-2. The Panacea 3:34
Sunburst The Panacea 6:39
Synthetic Fury DJ Spooky 7:05
The Day After Panacea 6:40
Tron (remix) Panacea 9:04
Untitled B-Side (from "Low Profile Darkness") Panacea 6:25
Vari-Speed The Panacea 7:03
VIP Torture Panacea 5:54
Void of Safety The Panacea 3:37
Wahrheit oder fiktion / Reality-Fiction The Panacea feat. Ronin 5:37
We Have Never Arrived The Panacea 8:32
Synthetic Fury DJ Spooky 7:05
3 Seconds Is Now (Panacea remix) Cativo 6:03
3 Seconds Is Now (Panacea remix) Cativo 6:03
Blood for Blood (Panacea remix) Bad Matter 6:15
Darkstar (Panacea remix) Christoph Fringeli & Pure 8:18
Defender (Panacea remix) 3D & Snuggles ?:??
Ende neu (Panacea mix) Einstürzende Neubauten 5:34
Faggot House Panacea 6:12
Haldol (Panacea mix) Unit 4:40
Hedonist The Panacea 7:31
Hetzjagd Auf Nazis (remix) Alec Empire 8:13
Heuldoch 7B (Panacea mix) Foetus 3:49
Jaf Box Datach'i 5:01
Kill Bella Donna (Panacea remix) Belladonnakillz 4:58
Kill It (Panacea remix) Enduser 5:57
Kill or Be Killed (The Panacea remix) Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth 6:19
Kill the Processors Panacea 6:15
Mothership 2 Panacea 6:44
Nihil (Panacea remix) SPL 6:22
Queen (Electroclash remix) Panacea 4:41
Return of the Ruffnecks (Panacea remix) Twintone 5:44
Strike It Dub War vs. The Panacea 5:29
Strike It (Panacea remix) Dub War 5:27
Death Is Near The Panacea 5:53
German Engineering The Panacea 6:02
Lightbringer The Panacea 6:53
Fucked Up McKnzm
Highly Developed
Languish-1. (1.6 Mio $ Ongoing)
Languish-2. (Individual)
No Tension
No Verve-1. (Ongoing)
No Verve-2.
Onerous (My Slickness)
Pong / Ping-1. (Ongoing)
Pong / Ping-2.
Suicidal-1. (Ongoing)
Void of Safety
We Have Never Arrived