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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
KISS at Boutwell Auditorium (1984-01-06)Concertsupport act 1984-01-06
KISS at Mid‐South Coliseum (1984-01-07)Concertsupport act 1984-01-07
KISS at Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena (1984-01-08)Concertsupport act 1984-01-08
KISS at Mississippi Coast Coliseum (1984-01-09)Concertsupport act 1984-01-09
KISS at Knoxville Civic Coliseum (1984-01-10)Concertsupport act 1984-01-10
KISS at Nashville Municipal Auditorium (1984-01-11)Concertsupport act 1984-01-11
KISS at Dallas County Convention Center Arena (1984-01-13)Concertsupport act 1984-01-13
KISS at HemisFair Arena at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center (1984-01-14)Concertsupport act 1984-01-14
KISS at City Coliseum (1984-01-16)Concertsupport act 1984-01-16
KISS at San Angelo Coliseum (1984-01-17)Concertsupport act 1984-01-17
KISS at Sam Houston Coliseum (1984-01-18)Concertsupport act 1984-01-18
KISS at Memorial Coliseum (1984-01-19)Concertsupport act 1984-01-19
KISS at El Paso County Coliseum (1984-01-21)Concertsupport act 1984-01-21
KISS at Tingley Coliseum (1984-01-22)Concertsupport act 1984-01-22
KISS at Ector County Coliseum (1984-01-23)Concertsupport act 1984-01-23
KISS at University of Denver Ice Arena (1984-01-25)Concertsupport act 1984-01-25
KISS at Long Beach Arena (1984-01-27)Concertsupport act 1984-01-27
KISS at Thomas & Mack Center (1984-01-28)Concertsupport act 1984-01-28
KISS at Selland Arena at Fresno Convention Center (1984-01-29)Concertsupport act 1984-01-29
KISS at Lawlor Events Center (1984-01-31)Concertsupport act 1984-01-31
KISS at Berkeley Community Theatre (1984-02-01)Concertsupport act 1984-02-01
KISS at San Francisco Civic Auditorium (1984-02-01) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 1984-02-01
KISS at Bakersfield Civic Auditorium (1984-02-02)Concertsupport act 1984-02-02
KISS at Orange Show Pavilion (1984-02-03)Concertsupport act 1984-02-03
KISS at O. Thayne Acord Arena at Salt Palace Center (1984-02-05)Concertsupport act 1984-02-05
KISS at Sioux City Municipal Auditorium (1984-02-08)Concertsupport act 1984-02-08
KISS at Omaha Civic Auditorium (1984-02-09)Concertsupport act 1984-02-09
KISS at Milwaukee Auditorium (1984-02-10)Concertsupport act 1984-02-10
KISS at Dubuque Five Flags Center (1984-02-11)Concertsupport act 1984-02-11
KISS at Metropolitan Sports Center (1984-02-12)Concertsupport act 1984-02-12
KISS at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena (1984-02-14)Concertsupport act 1984-02-14
KISS at University of Illinois–Chicago Pavilion (1984-02-15)Concertsupport act 1984-02-15
KISS at Market Square Arena (1984-02-16)Concertsupport act 1984-02-16
KISS at Wendler Arena at Saginaw Civic Center (1984-02-17)Concertsupport act 1984-02-17
KISS at Cobo Arena (1984-02-18)Concertsupport act 1984-02-18
KISS at Battelle Hall at Ohio Center (1984-02-19)Concertsupport act 1984-02-19
KISS at Hara Arena & Exhibition Center (1984-02-21)Concertsupport act 1984-02-21
KISS at The Coliseum Theatre (1984-02-22)Concertsupport act 1984-02-22