20101Car Seat Headrest1
20102Car Seat Headrest2
20103Car Seat Headrest1
20104Car Seat Headrest1
2011My Back Is Killing Me BabyCar Seat Headrest3
2011Twin FantasyCar Seat Headrest6
2012MonomaniaCar Seat Headrest2
2013Nervous Young ManCar Seat Headrest1
2014How to Leave TownCar Seat Headrest2
2015Teens of StyleCar Seat Headrest6
2016Teens of DenialCar Seat Headrest38
2018Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) (re-recording and reworking of the 2011 album)Car Seat Headrest4
2020Making a Door Less OpenCar Seat Headrest6

Album + Compilation

2010Little Pieces of Paper With "No" Written on ThemCar Seat Headrest2
2013Disjecta MembraCar Seat Headrest1

Album + Live

2019Commit Yourself CompletelyCar Seat Headrest1


2015No PassionCar Seat Headrest1
2015Something SoonCar Seat Headrest2
2015Times to DieCar Seat Headrest1
2016VincentCar Seat Headrest1
2016Drunk Drivers/Killer WhalesCar Seat Headrest3
2016Fill in the BlankCar Seat Headrest2
2016Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye?)Car Seat Headrest1
2017Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Car Seat Headrest3
2017War Is Coming (If You Want It) [March mix]Car Seat Headrest1
2017War Is Coming (If You Want It)Car Seat Headrest2
2017Beach Life‐in‐DeathCar Seat Headrest1
2018Nervous Young Inhumans (edit)Car Seat Headrest1
2018Cute ThingCar Seat Headrest1
2018My Boy (Twin Fantasy)Car Seat Headrest21
2018Fallen HorsesCar Seat Headrest1
2020Can’t Cool Me DownCar Seat Headrest1
2020MartinCar Seat Headrest1
2020HollywoodCar Seat Headrest2
2020There Must Be More Than BloodCar Seat Headrest1


2010Sunburned ShirtsCar Seat Headrest1
2012Starving While LivingCar Seat Headrest2
2016The Quad DubWicketkeeper / Brunch. / hyperturf / Car Seat Headrest2
2021MADLO: InfluencesCar Seat Headrest1

EP + Live

2013Live at WCWM: Car Seat HeadrestCar Seat Headrest1

EP + Remix

2021MADLO: RemixesCar Seat Headrest1

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