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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Seventh Wave Jimpster 5:56
Seventh Wave Jimpster 4:40
Seventh Wave (Dirt Crew rework) Jimpster 10:14
Shivering Sand Jimpster 8:34
Shivering Sand Jimpster 7:15
Silent Stars Jimpster 6:33
Slippin' Jimpster feat. Elsa Hedberg 4:42
Slow 'n' Low Jimpster 5:49
Slow 'n' Low Jimpster 5:48
Slow n Low Jimpster 5:46
Slow N Low Jimpster 5:45
So Many Worlds Jimpster 6:49
Solar Plexus Jimpster 8:27
Solar Plexus Jimpster 7:05
Spend the Night Jimpster 4:59
Square Up Jimpster 6:21
Square Up (John Tejada remix) Jimpster ?:??
Square Up (John Tejada remix) Jimpster 6:24
Square Up (John Tejada remix) / Rodamaal - Musica Feliz (feat. Nicinha) (a cappella) Jimpster 5:35
Square Up (original mix) Jimpster ?:??
Square Up (original mix) (part of a “KaRavan ★ Spiritual Dance” DJ‐mix) Jimpster 6:39
Square Up (reprise) Jimpster ?:??
State of Mind Jimpster 5:23
State of Mind Jimpster 5:38
State of Mind Jimpster 4:32
Stateside on Monday Jimpster 5:52
Stateside on Monday Jimpster 5:49
Stateside on Monday Jimpster 5:50
Static Dynamic Jimpster 7:04
Static Dynamic Jimpster 7:10
Static Dynamic Jimpster 3:56
Sylvanshine Jimpster 5:02
Tau Tona Jimpster 5:32
The Blazing Water Jimpster 6:38
The Blazing Water Jimpster 6:40
The Blazing Water Jimpster 6:37
The Girl Swell Session vs. Jimpster feat. Elsa Esmeralda 7:03
The Last Tape Jimpster 6:46
The Last Tape / Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself (part of a “Balance 014: Joris Voorn” DJ‐mix) Jimpster 4:47
The Sun Comes Up Jimpster ft. Jinadu 5:48
The Tale of Miss Virginia Epitome Coldcut feat. Salena Saliva & Jimpster 6:13
These Times Jimpster 4:21
Through the Surface Jimpster 6:26
Tony Bell Jimpster 6:05
Topics in Goove Jimpster 5:00
Topics in Groove Jimpster 5:04
Topics in Groove Jimpster 5:04
Topics in Groove, Part 1 Jimpster ?:??
Topics on Groove Jimpster 5:04
Towards the Seer Jimpster 3:58
Towards the Seer Jimpster 2:40
Under Wraps Jimpster 5:27
Walking Weird Jimpster 4:56
Wanting You Jimpster 3:16
Weft 'n' Warp Jimpster 7:24
Weft 'n' Warp Jimpster 6:46
What Blows and Grows? Jimpster 6:26
What Do You Do? Jimpster 5:17
Where You Are Jimpster ft. Khalil Anthony 6:09
Wild Light Jimpster 5:29
Wild Light Jimpster 7:46
Wild Light Jimpster 5:26
Wildlight Jimpster 6:42
Yansa Jimpster 5:47
You Are Jimpster 6:11
You Are (part of “Chris Coco: Solar Spectrums” DJ-mix) Jimpster 6:09
You Are... Jimpster 6:10

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