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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(What's Cooking in the interlude) Jimpster 1:18
37,000 ft. Jimpster 6:17
A Love Like This Jimpster feat. Diamondancer 6:14
Alsace & Lorraine Jimpster 7:08
Antidisestablishmentarianism Jimpster 6:23
B-Mine (part of "The Sound of the Cosmos") Jimpster 4:39
B:Mine Jimpster 4:49
Bad Hair Blues Jimpster 5:56
Bad Hair Blues Jimpster 5:57
Bad Hair Blues Jimpster 5:54
Brought to Bare Jimpster 5:13
Brought to Bare (Deetron remix) Jimpster Ft. Jonatan Bäckelie 5:27
Bum Steer Jimpster 7:11
Closer to You Jimpster 5:33
Closer to You Jimpster 5:34
Closer to You Jimpster 5:32
Cracks in the Pavement Jimpster 5:48
Crave Jimpster ft. Florence Rawlings 4:44
Dance of the Pharoes Jimpster 5:00
Dangly Panther Jimpster ?:??
Dangly Panther Jimpster 4:13
Dangly Panther Jimpster 4:55
Dangly Panther (Audiomontage remix) Jimpster 7:21
Deep Down Jimpster 6:13
Distant Light Jimpster 5:38
Distant Light Jimpster 5:30
Don't Push It Jimpster 5:11
Don't Push It (original mix) Jimpster 4:56
Don't Push It (Swag's Just Pull It dub) Jimpster 7:37
Eel Pie Island Jimpster 6:16
Eel Pie Island (Adam Port remix) Jimpster 7:25
Eel Pie Island (Adam Port remix) Jimpster 7:25
Everytime Jimpster ft. Florence Rawlings 4:35
Fish Island Jimpster 6:02
Fluorescent Blue Jimpster 7:03
Forever Voyetra Jimpster 4:11
Frames With Frames Jimpster 6:41
Frames With Frames Jimpster 6:38
Frames With Frames Jimpster 6:41
Freak (Jimpster main mix) Jimpster 7:36
Fundamental Things Jimpster 2:39
Glowing Embers Jimpster 5:20
Got a Hold on Your Soul (part of a “Defected in the House: Miami 08” DJ‐mix) Jimpster 5:05
Groove Jumping Jimpster 2 3:54
Groove Jumping Jimpster 3:54
High Wire Jimpster 6:05
Hold My Hand Jimpster 6:48
I Want It Jimpster 5:16
In an Analogue Way Jimpster 4:10
In So Deep Jimpster feat. Shaye 4:39
In So Deep Jimpster 4:33
Inside the Loop Jimpster 7:06
Interlude Jimpster 1:53
Introspective Jimpster 1:28
Jack in a Box Jimpster 4:36
Jasmine Dragon Jimpster 3:27
Jus' Wanna Feel Jimpster 3:57
Just the Kind of Girl (part of a “Kontor: Sunset Chill 2010” DJ‐mix) Jimpster 2:50
Knuckle Shuffle Jimpster 5:40
La-Di-Da Jimpster 7:21
Last Days of Summer Jimpster 7:10
Left & Right Jimpster feat. Capitol A 4:14
Love You Better Jimpster feat. Alexander East 5:21
Love You Better (Jesse Rose remix) Jimpster feat. Alexander East 5:14
Maiden Voyage Jimpster 7:20
Maiden Voyage Jimpster 7:19
Maiden Voyage Jimpster 7:23
Martian Arts Jimpster 6:40
Martian Arts Jimpster 6:37
Martian Arts Jimpster 6:39
Messages From the Hub Jimpster 7:31
Messages From The Hub Jimpster 3:13
Migrations Jimpster 4:57
Mind Painting Jimpster 6:31
Mind Painting Jimpster 5:36
Phantom Phusion Jimpster 7:42
Pixel Grain Jimpster 5:02
Pixel Grain Jimpster 5:04
Playtime Jimpster 7:25
Playtime Jimpster 7:22
Playtime Jimpster 7:28
Playtime Jimpster 7:26
Playtime Jimpster ?:??
Playtime Jimpster 7:27
Playtime Jimpster 7:26
Porchlight & Rocking Chairs Jimpster 6:51
Porchlight & Rocking Chairs (Kink remix) Jimpster 5:44
Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (Kink remix) Jimpster ?:??
Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (Kink remix) (part of a “Hed Kandi: Beach House 2014” DJ-mix) Jimpster 6:18
Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK remix) Jimpster 7:01
Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK remix) Jimpster 2:31
Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK remix) (part of a “Balance 024: Danny Howells” DJ‐mix) Jimpster 4:59
Power of the Doof Jimpster 6:05
Quartalist Jimpster 7:15
Quartalist Jimpster ?:??
Releasing Red Soul Jimpster 6:30
Rollergirl Jimpster 5:55
Secret Sun Jimpster feat. Rasiyah 5:27
Secret Sun (part of “Mezzanine De L'Alcazar, 7” DJ-mix) Jimpster feat. Rasiyah 5:01
Seeing Is Believing Jimpster 5:53

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