1977Improvised Music From Acoustic Piano and GuitarCasey Sokol And Eugene Chadbourne1
1978SchoolEugene Chadbourne & John Zorn1
19792000 Statues and the English ChannelEugene Chadbourne1
1979Environment for SextetJohn Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo & Polly Bradfield1
1980There’ll Be No Tears TonightEugene Chadbourne4
1982A Blotter Hit of LSDC & WEugene Chadbourne1
1983Chicken on the WayEugene Chadbourne1
1984The President; He Is InsaneEugene Chadbourne1
1985Country ProtestEugene Chadbourne2
1985You Are in Bear CountryEugene Chadbourne1
1986Corpses of Foreign WarEugene Chadbourne2
1987Kultural TerrorismChadbourne / Rosenberg1
1987LSDC&W: The History of the Chadbournes in AmericaEugene Chadbourne3
1987Vermin of the BluesEugene Chadbourne2
1988Kill EugeneEugene Chadbourne1
1989Country Music in the World of Islam, Volume XVEugene Chadbourne1
1991Chad-Born AgainEugene Chadbourne1
1992Blotter LSD C&W 2001Eugene Chadbourne1
1992Chadbourne Baptist ChurchEugene Chadbourne1
1992Terror Has Some Strange KinfolkEugene Chadbourne & Evan Johns1
1993Hot Burrito #2Eugene Chadbourne, Werner Dafeldecker & Walter Malli1
1993SongsEugene Chadbourne1
1994Another CountryEugene Chadbourne1
1995Electric Rake CakeEugene Chadbourne1
1995Environment For SextetPolly Bradfield, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, John Zorn2
1995Locked in a Dutch CoffeeshopEugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black1
1995Pachuco CadaverEugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black1
1996Chadbourne Barber ShopEugene Chadbourne1
1996In Memory of Nikki AraneEugene Chadbourne and John Zorn1
1996Jesse Helms Busted With PornographyEugene Chadbourne1
1996The AcquaductEugene Chadbourne2
1997End to SlaveryEugene Chadbourne1
1997PatrizioEugene Chadbourne & Paul Lovens1
1997Solo Acoustic Guitar Volume 2Eugene Chadbourne2
1997The HellingtunesHellington Country, Eugene Chadbourne, Paul Lovens, Leslie Ross, Pat Thomas, Carrie Shull, Alex Ward1
19981977-1981Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn1
1998Insect and Western - Insect AttracterEugene Chadbourne1
1998Jungle CookiesEugene Chadbourne1
1998To PhilEugene Chadbourne1
1998The Insect and Western PartyEugene Chadbourne1
1999Guitar LessonEugene Chadbourne & Henry Kaiser1
1999Worms With StringsEugene Chadbourne1
2000The Zu Side of the ChadbourneZu & Eugene Chadbourne1
2000Young at Heart / ForgivenEugene Chadbourne featuring Paul Lovens1
2000BedbugsDr. Chadbourne1
2000Don’t Punk OutFrank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne1
2000I Talked to Death in StereoEugene Chadbourne1
2000Jazz BunkerHan Bennink / Eugene Chadbourne / Toshinori Kondo1
2000Pain PenEugene Chadbourne1
2000The Ernest Tubb Memorial Band Texas Session to DougEugene Chadbourne1
2000Young and Innocent DaysEugene Chadbourne1
2001MotorhellingtonZu + Eugene Chadbourne2
200121 Years Later (Train Kept a Rollin’)Eugene Chadbourne & Han Bennink1
2001Ayler UndeadEugene Chadbourne1
2002L’OasisEugene Chadbourne & René Lussier1
2002German Country und Western: Sonata and Partita #1 for Violin adapted for 5-string banjoJohann Sebastian Bach; Eugene Chadbourne1
2002Homeland SecurityEugene Chadbourne1
2002Texas Sessions: Chapter Two (To Doug)Dr. Eugene Chadbourne1
2003An Afternoon in AustinEugene Chadbourne & Susan Alcorn1
2003Country Protest AnewEugene Chadbourne & Noahjohn1
2003Country Protest AnewEugene Chadbourne with Noahjohn1
2003I Support the Troops and I Want My Money BackEugene Chadbourne1
2004And the Wind Cried MalachyEugene Chadbourne with The Malachy Papers1
2005The Hills Have JazzEugene Chadbourne1
2007New Directions in Appalachian MusicEugene Chadbourne, Mike Cooper, Johnny Hamil, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Cedric Prive1
2007The WarriorsToshinori Kondo, Eugene Chadbourne, Andreacentazzo1
2008The Chaddom Blechbourne ExperienceKevin Blechdom / Eugene Chadbourne1
2008Country BoobsEugene Chadbourne1
2010ReasonEugene Chadbourne1
2011Bigger Country BoobsEugene Chadbourne & Tatsuya Dakatani1
2011Odd TimeEugene Chadbourne & Warren Smith1
2013Merles Just Want to Have FunBryan and the Haggards feat. Eugene Chadbourne1
2013Why Practice When You Can EatDoc Chad & Arbe Garbe1
2014Butterfly Garden1000 + 1 Featuring Eugene Chadbourne1
2014Great Duo Live, Vol. IIEugene Chadbourne1
2017The Planet GigEugene Chadbourne vs. The Blue Ribbons1
2017The Lost Eddie Chatterbox SessionEugene Chadbourne1
2018Pleasures of the HorrorEugene Chadbourne with Steve Beresford and Alex Ward1
20183 CharactersEugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers1
2019Wind Crystals: Guitar Duets By Wadada Leo SmithEugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser1
2019Faux Amis, Volume 8Eugene Chadbourne & Lärmschutz1
2020Duo (Improv) 2017Anthony Braxton & Eugene Chadbourne51
2021Color PressHifiklub & Eugene Chadbourne1
2021Bad SceneEugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh1
2023John Zorn’s Olympiad Vol. 3 – Pops Plays Pops – Eugene Chadbourne Plays the Book of HeadsEugene Chadbourne1
Eugene StinksEugene Chadbourne1
Ghost LegendsEugene Chadbourne, Charles Tyler1
New WarEugene Chadbourne1
StringsEugene Chadbourne1
To Prevail or Not to PrevailEugene Chadbourne1

Album + Compilation

2004The History of the Chadbournes: Honky-Tonk im NachtlokalEugene Chadbourne1

Album + Live

1981Torture Time !Eugene Chadbourne & Polly Bradfield1
1984Country Music of Southeastern AustraliaEugene Chadbourne2
2000Me and PaulEugene Chadbourne & Paul Lovens1
2006The NY TapesTom Cora, Eugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo, John Zorn, Toshinori Kondo & Polly Bradfield1
2008Live in Nagoya, Japan, June 12, 2008Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black1
2010The Great ProvaArbe Garbe + Eugene Chadbourne1
20172017‐04‐25 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NYEugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers1
2019Live at LeedsAndrew Cheetham, Eugene Chadbourne1


1986198666Eugene Chadbourne2

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