Extreme (US rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Color Me Blind (live cut) 6:07
Cynical 4:18
Decadence Dance 5:03
Get the Funk Out 4:27
Hip Today 4:21
Hole Hearted 3:29
Hole Hearted (live cut) 4:03
Kid Ego 3:50
Little Girls 3:46
More Than Words 4:16
More Than Words 4:17
More Than Words (live cut) 6:25
Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today) 3:25
Pornograffitti (live cut) 6:58
Queen Medley (live, 1992-04-20: Wembley Stadium, London, UK) ?:??
Rest in Peace 5:34
Rest in Peace (live cut) 5:28
Rest in Peace (Performance version) 5:30
Song for Love 4:46
Stop the World 4:48
Stop the World (Performance version) 4:36
Tragic Comic 4:46

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