Plutonium (Swedish extreme metal / industrial band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Child Called Shit (Two Minutes Hate) ?:??
A Tribute to the Tools of the Cosmic Abortionist ?:??
Alice in Plutoniumland (Two Minute Hate Part III) 2:00
Born Again Misanthrope 4:37
Casque Strength 7:35
Confessions of a Suicidal Cryptologist 7:13
Cortex Vortex 7:53
Det Doda Exemplets Makt (Two Minute Hate Part 2) ?:??
Devilmentertainment Non-Stop ?:??
Electric Barbwire Crown of Thorns 6:34
Hell Is All Around ?:??
Introducing the Dominance 3:19
Introducing the Dominance ?:??
Motionless Torrent ?:??
Nuclear War Incense ?:??
One Size Fits All ?:??
One Size Fits All ?:??
Peace Keeper ?:??
Renuntiationem 5:32
The Inverted Panopticon Experience 6:08
The Masque of the Green Demon 5:30
The Misery King 4:08
The Misery King ?:??
The New Conciousness ?:??
Unintelligent Design ?:??
Victory Mansions ?:??
Where Dead Children Feed the Streets ?:??
Where Dead Children Feeds the Street 5:51
Wind of Change 1:55
World Wide Vulture ?:??
World Wide Vultures 6:38
Zero Swarm ?:??

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