Turbulence (dancehall reggae singer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Good Girl Turbulence ?:??
Good Time Turbulence 4:13
Good to Know Turbulence 3:36
Got to Be Smart Turbulence 3:14
Grocks Turbulence ?:??
Gun Crazy Turbulence 3:58
Hail H.I.M. Turbulence 4:09
Hail to the King Turbulence 3:44
Hail to the King (intro) Turbulence 3:44
Heartless Turbulence 4:19
High Grade Turbulence 4:02
High Grade Turbulence & Spectacular ?:??
High Grade Spectacular & Turbulence ?:??
High Grade Turbulence & Spectacular 1:21
High Grade Turbulence & Spectacular 3:39
History Turbulence 4:03
Holiday Turbulence 4:04
Hot Pick Turbulence ?:??
Hype in Jah Turbulence 3:28
I Believe Turbulence 3:48
I Believe Turbulence 3:55
I Don't Know (feat. Lion) Turbulence 3:47
I Love Her So Turbulence 3:33
I Love Her So (Escalade Riddim) Turbulence 3:34
I Mean Every Word Turbulence 3:58
I Shall Not Be Moved Turbulence 4:06
I Shall Not Be Moved Turbulence 4:08
I Will Turbulence ?:??
I Will Survive Turbulence 3:29
I Will Survive Turbulence 3:29
I'd Rather Be Turbulence 3:54
I'd Rather Be Turbulence 3:51
I'm Not Afraid Turbulence ?:??
I'm Stronger Than Before Turbulence ?:??
I'm Yours Turbulence 4:12
I've Been Around Turbulence ?:??
I've Been Around Turbulence ?:??
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want to Be Right) Turbulence 3:46
If You Love Turbulence 3:26
If You Were Mine Turbulence ?:??
Inna mi Draw (Potential Badboy & Liondub VIP) Nico D Featuring Turbulence 4:09
Inna mi Draw (Serial Killaz remix) Nico D & Turbulance 5:31
Ital Stew Turbulence 3:32
Ital Stew Turbulence 3:59
Ital Stew Turbulence 2:02
Ital Stew, Part II (hip hop version) Turbulence 4:42
Jah is Forever Turbulence 5:52
Jah Jah Turbulence 3:07
Join Us Turbulence 3:59
Join Us Turbulence ?:??
Just Can't Stop Turbulence 3:40
Just So Life Stay Turbulence 3:49
Keep In Touch Turbulence ?:??
Keep U Satisfied Turbulence 3:42
Kingston Town Fantan Mojah feat. Capleton and Turbulence 3:53
Leaders Sillywalks Movement feat. Taffari + Turbulence 3:55
Leaders (feat. Taffari) Turbulence 3:55
Leave Us Alone Turbulence 4:02
Les's Get In On Turbulence ?:??
Let's Get It on Tonight Turbulence 3:51
Lets Try Turbulence 3:27
Liberation Turbulence 4:13
Life Goes On Turbulence 4:07
Life in Love Turbulence 1:33
Life Is Not a Game Turbulence 4:17
Life Is So Sweet (feat. Diana Rutherford) Turbulence 3:52
Life Is the Greatest Gift Turbulence 4:10
Life Over Death Turbulence ?:??
Live and Let Live Turbulence 3:48
Live in Love Turbulence ?:??
Look Wock Turbulence 3:54
Love at First Sight Turbulence 3:50
Love at First Sight Turbulence 3:43
Love Can Make Turbulence ?:??
Love Can Make a Difference Turbulence 4:05
Love Her Forever Turbulence 3:59
Love Is in the Sky Aya Waska feat. Turbulence 3:10
Love With Your Heart Turbulence 3:21
Love You Turbulence 3:02
Love You So Much Turbulence 3:26
Make Sure She Clean Turbulence 3:48
Mama Turbulence 4:04
Mama Don't Cry Turbulence 4:12
Mamma Is Here Turbulence 3:53
Marcus Seh Turbulence 4:02
Marihuana Turbulence 3:34
Marihuana (Northern Lights Rmx) Turbulence 4:08
Market Place Turbulence 4:07
Megamix Hot Aya Waska feat. Turbulence, Chezidek, Jah Mason, Anthony John, Raia & Daddy Nuttea 7:59
Mis-Leaders Turbulence ?:??
More Effort Turbulence 3:56
Most Wanted Turbulence ?:??
Mothers Turbulence 3:47
Move Crucial Turbulence 3:44
Move On feat. Higher Trod Family Turbulence 3:38
Move Out Lutan Fyah feat. Natural Black & Turbulence 4:21
Move Out Lutan Fyah feat. Natural Black & Turbulence ?:??
Mr. Big Man Turbulence 4:07
Music Is Life Luciano feat. Turbulence 4:05
Music Is Life Turbulence feat. Luciano 4:06

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