Turbulence (reggae, riddim, dancehall)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
- Strong Like Lion Joggo feat. Turbulence & Jah Decko 4:41
Addicted Turbulence 4:03
All About You Turbulence ?:??
All I Have to Give Turbulence ?:??
All I Require Turbulence ?:??
All Mine Turbulence ?:??
All My Praises Turbulence 5:04
All Natural Turbulence 3:57
All Night Turbulence 4:25
All Praises Be Turbulence 3:40
Always in My Heart Turbulence 4:03
Angel By My Side (feat. Turbelence) Richie Campbell feat. Turbulence 4:26
Anything Goes Major Lazer feat. Turbulence USCJ80900284 3:14
Anytime Turbulence 3:50
Apple of My Eyes Turbulence ?:??
As far as it can go Turbulence 2:48
As Sure As The Sunshine Turbulence ?:??
Baby Why Turbulence 3:53
Babylon Cruelty Turbulence 3:58
Babylon You Doom Turbulence 4:00
Bad in the Past Turbulence 4:07
Bad In The Past Turbulence ?:??
Badman a Talk Turbulence 2:40
Baphomet Turbulence 3:21
Based on a True Story Turbulence 4:04
Been Good to Me Turbulence 4:16
Been Through Le Prince feat. Turbulence ?:??
Believe in Love Turbulence 4:23
Black & Proud Turbulence 1:11
Black Woman Turbulence 3:55
Blood Dem Out Turbulence 4:05
Bongo Congo Turbulence 3:55
Break Away Turbulence 3:55
Bright Eyes Turbulence 4:06
Burn Dem Again Turbulence 4:10
Burn Dem Down (feat. Luton Fyah) Turbulence 4:08
Burnin' Blaze Turbulence 3:59
Burnin’ Blaze Turbulence 1:22
Call Turbulence 0:38
Can't Dis Rasta: Notorious, Part II Turbulence 4:10
Carpe Diem Blanco feat. Turbulence 4:41
Castaway Turbulence 3:40
Celebrate Turbulence 3:38
Celebration Turbulence 4:49
Champion Sound Sizzla feat. Turbulence 4:10
Changes Turbulence 4:01
Chase Me Away Tiwony feat. Turbulence 3:56
Chocolate Turbulence 3:17
Clear Off Turbulence 3:07
Clear Off Chopstick Dubplate feat. Turbulence ?:??
Come A Long Way Turbulence ?:??
Come On Baby Turbulence 4:10
Confession Turbulence 3:53
Danger Turbulence ?:??
Dem Crying Turbulence 4:07
Di Thing Turbulence 3:18
Di Thing Turbulence ?:??
Differences Turbulence ?:??
Dig It Out Turbulence 4:05
Dirty Ways Turbulence 4:02
Dis Is It Turbulence 3:49
Do Good Turbulence 3:30
Do It Better Turbulence 1:01
Do You Turbulence 3:52
Down Down Down Turbulence 3:21
Dread Times (feat. Mark Wonder) Turbulence 4:05
Electrifying Beauty Turbulence 4:22
Ethiopia Awakes Turbulence 3:41
Everything Turbulence 2:48
Everything but Love Turbulence 3:54
Facts Turbulence 3:46
Facts of Life Turbulence 4:43
Feeling Good Turbulence 5:16
Fire Burn Turbulence 3:59
Fire Pon Dem Turbulence 3:34
Firm Turbulence 3:52
First Sight Megamix Pow Pow Movement feat. Chezidek, Fantan Mojah, Ginjah, Jah Mason, Norrisman & Turbulence 4:59
Follow Megamix Pow Pow Movement feat. Gentleman, Jah Mason, Skarra Mucci, Tippa Irie & Turbulence ?:??
Four Thousand Years Turbulence 3:52
Free Turbulence 3:13
Free Up the Prisoners Sizzla feat. Turbulence 3:30
Freedom Turbulence ?:??
Freedom Train Luciano feat. Turbulence 3:54
Freedom Train Turbulence feat. Luciano 3:57
Friends Like These Turbulence 4:11
Frontline (Want a Natty) (feat. Sasha) Turbulence 4:16
Ganga Head Turbulence 4:44
Gifted Turbulence ?:??
Girlfriend Turbulence 3:43
Girlfriend Turbulence 3:38
Give Dem a Bligh Turbulence 3:07
Give Her Weh She Want Turbulence 3:45
Give Praises Turbulence 4:16
Give Thanx Turbulence 3:31
Go and Tell The World Turbulence ?:??
Go Down Down Babylon Turbulence ?:??
Gone With The Wine Turbulence 3:30
Good Draw Turbulence 3:40
Good Girl Turbulence ?:??
Good Time Turbulence 4:13

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