Dinka (Swiss prog-house)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Renegade Dinka 4:03
Renegade Dinka 5:33
Riverflow Dinka 7:33
Road to Perdition Dinka 7:22
Scarlet Dinka 7:36
Scarlet (Chill-Out reprise) Dinka 3:07
Slightly Different Dinka 6:10
Smile When You're Hurt the Most Dinka 4:48
Soma Is Language Dinka 6:48
Some People Will Never Learn Dinka 6:50
Superstitious Dinka 4:53
Superstitious Dinka 4:54
Superstitious Dinka 4:54
Superstitious Dinka 5:33
Tales of the Sun Dinka 4:41
Tales of the Sun Dinka 4:42
Tales Of The Sun Dinka 4:42
Tales Of The Sun Dinka 5:55
Tales of the Sun (Continuous DJ mix) Dinka 1:17:49
Temptation Dinka 4:42
Temptation Dinka 8:31
Temptation (Paul Trainer remix) Dinka 4:16
The Celtic of Scotland Dinka 7:31
The Celtic Of Scotland Dinka 5:59
The Quietest Moment (Original Mix) Dinka 7:24
The Sin Dinka 7:32
The Sin Dinka 7:32
The Sin (Chris Reece Tribal Sucker remix) Dinka 5:06
The Sleeping Beauty Dinka 5:37
The Sleeping Beauty (Komytea remix) Dinka 6:39
The Sleeping Beauty (original mix) Dinka 6:42
The Temptation Dinka 8:31
Toes in the Sand Dinka 6:48
Venice Beach Dinka 6:08
Violet (2011-01-06: A State of Trance #490) Dinka ?:??
Violet (Inpetto remix) Dinka 6:24
Violet (Inpetto remix) Dinka 6:25
We Found House (3LAU Progressive Bootleg) Dinka feat. Coldplay & Rihanna 3:33
Wildfire Dinka 7:35
Windmills Dinka 6:43
Wuthering Heights Dinka 7:41
Wuthering Heights (Enigma mix) Dinka 3:15
Wuthering Heights (intro mix) Dinka 4:26
Zero Altitude (part of a “Once Upon a Night, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) Dinka 4:26
Zero Altitude (original mix) Dinka 7:02

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