Ari Roland (bass)

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2000-04 – 2000-10-18I Married an AngelbassFrank Hewitt10:43
2000-04 – 2000-10-18LoverbassFrank Hewitt10:19
2000-04 – 2000-10-18MantecabassFrank Hewitt14:10
2000-04 – 2000-10-18MistybassFrank Hewitt8:29
2000-04 – 2000-10-18MistybassFrank Hewitt12:10
2000-04 – 2000-10-18The Girl From IpanemabassFrank Hewitt10:42
2000-04 – 2000-10-18This Isn't NewbassFrank Hewitt8:10
2001-05-16Blues for LovelacebassFrank Hewitt5:39
2001-05-16Ghost of a ChancebassFrank Hewitt9:11
2001-05-16I Remember YoubassFrank Hewitt8:51
2001-05-16I'll Remember AprilbassFrank Hewitt8:23
2001-05-16Polka Dots and MoonbeamsbassFrank Hewitt7:42
2001-05-16SolarbassFrank Hewitt7:20
2001-05-16Strictly ConfidentialbassFrank Hewitt7:14
2001-05-16That Ole Devil Called LovebassFrank Hewitt7:41
2001-05-16Vonce and ForeverbassFrank Hewitt7:16
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05CherokeebassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05Frank's BluesbassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05Ghost of a ChancebassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05I Remember YoubassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05I'll Remember AprilbassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05Lady BirdbassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05Polka Dots and MoonbeamsbassFrank Hewitt?:??
2001-05-16 – 2001-06-05That Ole Devil Called LovebassFrank Hewitt?:??
2005-01-18All RightbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart6:55
2005-01-18Another DaybassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart7:20
2005-01-18DesolationbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart2:12
2005-01-18ErraticbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart5:54
2005-01-18Goodnight, GoodnightbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart6:14
2005-01-18Hope SpringsbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart6:15
2005-01-18I Keep Coming Back to YoubassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart9:01
2005-01-18Let's Get With ItbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart9:07
2005-01-18The PanicbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart5:24
2005-01-18Things Gone BybassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart7:20
2005-01-18WhirligigbassSacha Perry Trio, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart5:19
2005-08-28Ah, TranscarpathicusbassAri Roland6:19
2005-08-28Byars-A-MakibassAri Roland5:29
2005-08-28I'll Walk AlonebassAri Roland6:08
2005-08-28Mensch BluesbassAri Roland8:06
2005-08-28Mo's OnbassAri Roland4:11
2005-08-28Most's ParadisebassAri Roland6:00
2005-08-28Replaceable MebassAri Roland6:14
2005-08-28Swamp Thing Goes to the Indy 500bassAri Roland3:16
2005-08-28The Lion of YerevanbassAri Roland5:52
2005-08-28Thou SwellbassAri Roland6:07
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08All God's Chillun Got RhythmbassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart5:34
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08Brother Can You Spare a Dime?bassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart6:55
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08Get Out of TownbassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart9:32
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08Give It Back to the IndiansbassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart10:11
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08LovebassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart8:47
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08MinebassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart7:36
2006-11-07 – 2006-11-08This Is ItbassSacha Perry, Ari Roland, Phil Stewart4:04
A Hundred Years From TodaybassChris Byars5:16
All the Things Are ReddbassChris Byars7:40
Elevated TracksbassChris Byars5:22
FlightbassChris Byars5:27
IncognitobassChris Byars5:52
IntuitionbassChris Byars8:15
LovelacebassChris Byars5:49
Money Can't BuybassChris Byars5:25
Mountain TopbassChris Byars9:11
San Juan HillbassChris Byars6:09