Big Noyd (QB rapper Tajuan Perry)

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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
No Exceptions
Ain’t Too Much
Air It Out
All 4 the Luv of the Dough
All I Got to Say
All My Peoples
All Pro
Back Up in This Bitch
Come Thru
Crazy Ass Click
Don’t Play With Them Burners
Episodes of a Hustla
Get Dead
Get It Done
Get It Poppin’
Going Right at 'em
Hoody Like That
Hu, What
I Don't Wanna Love Again
Infamous Mobb
Infamous Team
Infinite Team
It's on You
It’s a Wrap
It’s Going Down
It’s On
Kill Dat There
Kilo Rap
Livin’ the Life
Love and Hate
Money Rolls
Money Talk
Money Time
Most Famous
My Rhyme
New York Lights
Nowhere Else to Hide
Noyd Holdin' It Down
Number 1
Off The Wall
On the Map
Posted on the Block
QB Duo
Queensbridge Thuggin
Rags to Riches
Recognize & Realize, Part 1
Recognize & Realize, Part 2
Shoot 'em Up (Bang Bang), Part 1
Shoot 'em Up (Bang Bang), Part 2
So Much Trouble
Something for All That
Stick Up Kid
That Fire
That’s How You Get Dead
The Kid Is Nice
The Rules
Things Done Changed
Trust ’em
Trying to Make It Out
Usual Suspect
Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong remix)
Watch Out
We Gangsta
We Live This
Where My Gz
World’s Famous
You Already Know
You Better Take It Easy
You Can Say What Ever You Want
Young & Thuggin’
Give Up the Goods (Just Step) Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd 4:03
Gunz Prodigy feat. Big Noyd 1:44
Hoodlum Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd & Rakim 4:16
Hurt Niggas Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd 3:30
Party Over Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd 5:40
The Professional guest DJ Clue? feat. Mobb Deep & Noyd 3:40
Pain Big Noyd 3:16
Ain’t Too Much Big Noyd 2:44
Air It Out Big Noyd feat. Havoc 3:27
All 4 the Luv of the Dough Big Noyd feat. Prodigy 3:04
All I Got to Say Big Noyd 2:16
All My Peoples Big Noyd 4:05
All Pro Big Noyd 3:50
Back Up in This Bitch Big Noyd 2:52
Burn (clean version) guest Mobb Deep 4:15
Burn (main version) guest Mobb Deep 4:15
Come Thru Big Noyd 2:30
Crazy Ass Click Big Noyd 3:29
Deadly Zone guest and lead vocals Bounty Killer feat. Mobb Deep & Rappin’ Noyd 5:01
Do It Man guest Masta Ace feat. Big Noyd 2:56
Don’t Play With Them Burners Big Noyd feat. Havoc 3:02
Dreams Big Noyd 2:31
Episodes of a Hustla Big Noyd 4:02
Freezers guest Blaq Poet feat. Big Noyd & Bloodsport 2:26
Get Dead guest Big Twins feat. Big Noyd 2:44
Get It Done Big Noyd feat. The God Ali & Loki 3:46
Get It Poppin’ Big Noyd 1:18
Get Shot the Fuck Up other vocals DJ Kay Slay feat. Big Noyd & Mobb Deep ?:??
Ghetto Big Noyd feat. Joell Ortiz 3:10
Going Right at 'em Big Noyd 3:18
Gun Play guest Prodigy feat. Big Noyd 4:44
Heartless Big Noyd 3:11
Higher Big Noyd 3:10
Hoody Like That Big Noyd 3:24
Hu, What Big Noyd 3:33
I Don't Wanna Love Again Big Noyd feat. Se'kou 4:40
Infamous Minded guest Prodigy feat. Big Noyd 3:27
Infamous Mobb Big Noyd 3:15
Infamous Team Big Noyd feat. Prodigy & Godfather 2:48
Infinite Team Big Noyd 4:00
Invincible Big Noyd 5:21
It's on You Big Noyd 1:31
It’s a Wrap Big Noyd feat. Ric Rude 2:55
It’s Going Down Big Noyd 3:05
It’s Nothing (official video) guest Prodigy of Mobb Deep ft Big Noyd 3:53
It’s On Big Noyd 2:22
Kill Dat There Big Noyd 2:39
Killa Queens guest Infamous Mobb feat. Prodigy & Rapper Noyd 4:06
Kilo Rap Big Noyd feat. Termanology & Ghetto 3:36
Livin’ the Life Big Noyd 1:30
Louder Big Noyd feat. Prodigy 3:25
Love and Hate guest Hostyle Featuring Big Noyd, KL & Poet of Screwball 3:04
Money Roll Big Noyd feat. Prodigy, Illa Ghee, Twin Gambino & Godfather 3:30
Money Rolls Big Noyd 3:25
Money Talk Big Noyd 2:52
Money Time Big Noyd 3:08
Most Famous Big Noyd 2:44
My Rhyme Big Noyd 3:42
N.O.Y.D Big Noyd 4:14
New York Lights Big Noyd 2:01
No Exceptions guest Screwball feat. Rapper Noyd 3:37
Nowhere Else to Hide Big Noyd 3:19
Noyd Holdin' It Down Big Noyd feat. Havoc 2:56
Number 1 Big Noyd 2:31
Off the Wall Big Noyd 3:56
On the Map DJ JS‐1 feat. Craig G, Jak D, Blaq Poet, Trez & Big Noyd ?:??
Paper Big Noyd feat. Jay Rush 2:03
Pokerface Big Noyd 2:36
Posted on the Block Big Noyd 3:10
QB Duo Big Noyd feat. Dog 3:53
Queens (official video) Big Noyd ft Prodigy & Infamous Mobb 5:05
Queens - Madrid (Represent) guest Yamal ?:??
Queensbridge Thuggin Big Noyd feat. Lyadede 3:56
Rags to Riches Big Noyd 2:56
Recognize & Realize, Part 1 Big Noyd 4:10
Recognize & Realize, Part 2 Big Noyd feat. Mobb Deep 5:02
Runnin' the City guest Míos Tíos ?:??
Rush Big Noyd 2:50
Shoot 'em Up (Bang Bang), Part 1 Big Noyd 3:33
Shoot 'em Up (Bang Bang), Part 2 Big Noyd feat. Mobb Deep 3:47
Snitches Big Noyd 3:19
So Much Trouble Big Noyd feat. Serani 3:12
Something for All That Big Noyd feat. Prodigy 2:57
Stick Up Kid Big Noyd 4:05
Stomp Em Out guest and lead vocals Mobb Deep 3:34
Testify Big Noyd feat. Profit 3:00
That Fire Big Noyd 3:47
That’s How You Get Dead Big Noyd feat. Twin Gambino 2:32
The Kid Is Nice Big Noyd 3:29
The Rules Big Noyd 2:18
Things Done Changed Big Noyd feat. Kira 2:57
Trust ’em Big Noyd 4:04
Trying to Make It Out Big Noyd feat. 40 Glocc & B.A.M. 2:50
Usual Suspect Big Noyd 4:20
Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong remix) Big Noyd feat. Prodigy 5:01
Watch Out Big Noyd 3:39
We Gangsta Big Noyd 3:39
We Live This lead vocals QB Finest feat. Havoc, Big Noyd & Shante 4:09
Where My Gz Big Noyd feat. Lyadede 3:32
World’s Famous Big Noyd feat. Ty Nitty, Chinky & The Infamous Team 2:27
You Already Know Big Noyd feat. Flame Killa & Godfather 3:07
You Better Take It Easy Big Noyd 3:59
You Can Say What Ever You Want Big Noyd 2:49
Young & Thuggin’ Big Noyd 3:30
Burn T. Perry
Deadly Zone Tajuan Perry