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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
15 is God Moshic 6:38
A Lie Has No Legs Moshic 10:47
A Lie Has No Legs Moshic 10:47
Above the Understanding Moshic 7:47
Am I Stand on the Right Side Moshic feat. Jorden 5:57
Am I Stand on the Right Side (Eco Bootleg) (live, 2010-04-02: A State of Trance #450: Roseland Ballroom, New York City, USA) Moshic 6:01
Ananim Moshic 9:29
Argaman Moshic 8:07
Ashray Moshic 7:25
Asian Love DJ Cyber vs. Moshic feat. DJ Emjay 6:42
Asian Love (dance remix) DJ Cyber vs. Moshic feat. DJ Emjay 8:30
Asian Love (Tribal Chill mix) DJ Cyber vs.Moshic feat. DJ Emjay 12:55
Atnachta (Chill Mix) Moshic 6:00
Atnachtha Moshic 6:53
Aurora Borealis Moshic 7:33
Bardo Thodol Moshic 2:35
Bat Kol Moshic 8:04
Beauty To Ash Moshic 9:06
Blindness in Your Eyes Moshic 7:41
Can't Rename This One Moshic 9:36
Choice Moshic 9:09
Choice Moshic 7:08
Choice Moshic 9:09
Clock of Life Moshic 7:21
Come Home With Me Moshic 9:04
Crazy About You Moshic 3:56
Creation (Feel My Heart) Mo Shic 6:26
Dark Side is Beauty Moshic 7:00
Do It to Me Now Moshic 8:06
Do It To Me Now (Audio Noir remix) Moshic 8:03
Do It to Me Now (Gai Barone on a Train remix) Moshic 7:56
Do It to Me Now (Gai Barone Starsk remix) Moshic 8:11
Do It to Me Now (Manu Riga Progtrip remix) Moshic 6:47
Do You Remember Moshic 3:58
Drongo Moshic 8:59
El brujo Moshic 7:05
Esah Moshic 8:09
Esah (Chill Mix) Moshic 6:39
False Emotion (Philthy Chit remix) Moshic 6:57
Far But The Same Moshic 5:19
For You I Will Moshic 5:28
Heaven Moshic feat. Jorden 3:52
Heaven (Prog Mix) Moshic feat. Jorden 8:19
Hiloola Moshic 5:41
Hinooma Moshic 5:07
How Far So Long Moshic 8:06
How to Pure Madness Moshic feat. Aviram 4:26
I Remember You Moshic 8:09
I'm Your Danger Moshic 6:53
Idra Rama Moshic 5:33
Inside Doors Moshic 7:27
It Could Be Your Time Moshic 6:36
Jorden From West Moshic 9:24
Keeps Me Soft Moshic 7:08
Keeps Me Soft (Chill Mix) Moshic 4:50
Kivanlak Moshic 6:33
La Monte Moshic 6:34
LaLoLala Moshic 4:46
Let's Bring It Back Moshic 7:54
Life Novelty Moshic 8:22
Life on the Edge Moshic 7:49
Listen to Music Forever Moshic 6:32
Long Desert Voyage Moshic 4:57
Mach Dich Mal Locker (Moshic Remix) Taucher Remix by: Moshic 8:37
Madadayo Moshic 6:14
Meet You in Eden Moshic 6:22
Messiah of the Zohar Moshic 7:34
Messiah Of The Zohar (Chill Mix) Moshic 5:53
Moment 40 Moshic 1:39
Moment 40 (Moshic's FloorShaker mix) Moshic 5:44
My Life Is for You Moshic 8:00
Nine Gates Moshic 8:18
No Woman Can Beat You Moshic 3:49
No Woman Can Beat You (Argonaut Can Make Commercial mix) Moshic 4:22
Nonok (part of a “DJ World Series: Progressive From Israel” DJ‐mix) Moshic 10:50
Orphaned Steps Moshic 8:34
Path to Light Moshic 1:29
Primavera Moshic 7:34
Rams Horn Space Moshic 8:09
Reality Illustrated Moshic 8:44
Ridiculously Beautiful Moshic 9:30
Salamat Moshic 8:18
Sapirinion Moshic 3:45
Soma Soma Moshic 9:21
Souls Plug Moshic 9:25
Spin Away Moshic 8:41
Standing by Your Side Moshic 10:13
Suddenly Bursts Moshic 9:27
Sultana Moshic 8:07
Surrealist (Walking by Myself) Moshic 8:02
Systematic Person Moshic 9:02
Task That Moshic 7:39
Temporary Addictions Moshic 8:24
Tetwan Moshic 8:56
The Clock of Life (Chill mix) Moshic 6:29
The Kid, the Piano, the War Moshic 4:30
The Middle East Intro (part of a “DJ World Series: Progressive From Israel” DJ‐mix) Moshic 2:43
The Persian Dancing Cat Moshic 8:49
The Sixth Moshic 8:13
The Templers Moshic 6:46

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