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involved with: Elvis Presley
married: Roger Smith (actor and husband of Ann-Margret) (1967 – 2017)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Ann-Margret) The Brian Setzer Orchestra 3:44
Baby, It's Cold Outside Ann-Margret & Al Hirt 3:32
The Lady Loves Me Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret 3:45
You’re the Boss Elvis Presley feat. Ann-Margret 2:32
1951 / What About the Boy? Oliver Reed & Ann-Margret 2:49
A Friend to Me lead vocals Carol Hall 3:40
A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place lead vocals Carol Hall 6:09
Baby It’s Cold Outside guest and lead vocals The Brian Setzer Orchestra duet with Ann-Margret 3:43
Bernie’s Holiday Camp Oliver Reed, Ann-Margret & Alison Dowling 3:43
Champagne Pete Townshend 4:42
Christmas Oliver Reed, Ann-Margret & Alison Dowling 3:39
Do You Think It’s Alright? (1) Ann-Margret & Oliver Reed 0:55
Do You Think It’s Alright? (2) Ann-Margret & Oliver Reed 0:44
Do You Think It’s Alright? (3) Ann-Margret & Oliver Reed 0:29
Girl, You're a Woman lead vocals Carol Hall 3:44
Go to the Mirror Pete Townshend 3:57
Hideaway Heart lead vocals Ann-Margret 2:00
How Lovely to Be a Woman lead vocals Charles Strouse 2:41
Mother and Son Pete Townshend 3:26
No Lies lead vocals Carol Hall 2:51
Smash the Mirror Pete Townshend 1:23
T.V. Studio Pete Townshend 1:15
The Bus From Amarillo lead vocals Carol Hall 4:18
There’s a Doctor Pete Townshend 0:22
Tommy Can You Hear Me? Pete Townshend 0:55
Welcome Pete Townshend 4:15