Dax Riggs

~ Person


member of:Daisyhead & The Mooncrickets
Acid Bath (US sludge/doom metal band) (from 1991 until 1997-01-23: lead vocals)
Shrüm (American sludge metal band) (in 1995: lead vocals)
Agents of Oblivion (from 1998 until 2000: lead vocals, guitar)
deadboy & the Elephantmen (from 2000 until 2007-04-16)
supporting bass guitar by:Alex Bergeron (US bass guitarist)
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online communities:http://www.aboardwithnoname.com/ [info]
other databases:http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/dax_riggs [info]
http://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Dax_Riggs/16375 [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000712451 [info]
VIAF ID:VIAF: 66256010 [info]
Wikidata:Q4394418 [info]


Ancient Manguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:17
Blood Musicguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:37
Break It Offguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:47
Dressed in Smokeguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:57
Evil Friendguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:10
How Long the Night Wasguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:14
Kissed by Lightningguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen2:04
Misadventures of Dopeguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen2:30
No Rainbowguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen4:35
Stop, I’m Already Deadguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen2:20
Walking Stickguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen3:25
What the Stars Have Eatenguitardeadboy & the Elephantmen2:52
Ancient Mandeadboy & the Elephantmen3:17
Blood Musicdeadboy & the Elephantmen3:37
Break It Offdeadboy & the Elephantmen3:47
Dressed in Smokedeadboy & the Elephantmen3:57
Evil Frienddeadboy & the Elephantmen3:10
How Long the Night Wasdeadboy & the Elephantmen3:14
Kissed by Lightningdeadboy & the Elephantmen2:04
Misadventures of Dopedeadboy & the Elephantmen2:30
No Rainbowdeadboy & the Elephantmen4:35
Stop, I’m Already Deaddeadboy & the Elephantmen2:20
Walking Stickdeadboy & the Elephantmen3:25
What the Stars Have Eatendeadboy & the Elephantmen2:52
The Terrors of Nightlife