Name ISRCs Rating Length
Antiphon XV ("Today He who hung the earth upon the waters"; Byzantine Chant) 4:53
Aposticha, Rejoice, O Trinity of Faithful Priests (Special Melody) 1:03
Augmented Litany (Monastery Chant) 3:10
Bells 1:04
Bells - Come, Let Us Worship (Common Chant) 0:58
Blessed Is the Man (Kievan Chant) 2:50
Canon Ode 9 ("Do not lament me"; Serbian Chant) 2:51
Cherubic Hymn ("Let us who mystically"; Georgian Chant melody; "Thou art a vineyard") 4:11
Cherubic Hymn ("Let us who mystically"; Znamenny Chant) 3:06
Communion Psalm Antiphon ("God has gone up with a shout") 2:08
Dogmatikon, the Shadow of the Law (Znamenny Chant) 1:28
Evening Processional ("Gladsome Light"; Znamenny Chant) 1:58
Exapostilarion 'Now Let Us Proclaim' 2:16
Exapostilarion ("Thy bridal chamber"; Russian "Bulgarian" Chant) 1:28
Gladsome Light 1:25
Great Doxology ("Glory to God in the highest"; Byzantine Chant) 4:19
Great Doxology (Common Chant) 3:49
Great Litany (Romanian Chant, Putna Monastery) 2:44
Having Beheld the Resurrection (Kievan Chant) 2:50
Hymn of Kassiane ("The woman had fallen"; Byzantine Chant) 4:31
Hymn to the Theotokos ("It is truly meet"; Bulgarian Chant) 2:00
Kathisma Hymn ("How could Judas"; Carpatho-Russian Chant) 1:17
Kathisma Hymn ("The soldiers guarding Thy tomb"; Bulgarian Chant) 1:41
Koinonikon ("O taste and see"; Byzantine Chant) 3:04
Kontakion ("My soul, my soul, arise"; Kievan Chant) 0:59
Litya, Today Let the Heavens (Carpathian "Bulgarian" Chant) 1:48
Lord Have Mercy 0:28
Magnificat ("My soul magnifies the Lord"; Serbian Chant) 2:54
Magnification, We Magnify You (Znamenny Chant) 1:31
Magnificent (Znamenny Chant) 4:03
Paschal Troparion ("Christ is risen"; Serbian and Byzantine Chant) 0:47
Polyeleos ("Praise the name of the Lord"; Byzantine Chant) 2:52
Polyeleos, Praise the Name of the Lord (Russian "Athos" Chant) 2:32
Prayers of Compline ("Have mercy on us"; Valaam Chant) 1:55
Psalm 104 (Bless the Lord) 6:44
Psalm 140, Lord, I Call (Kievan Chant) 1:52
Resurectional Evlogitaria, Blessed Art Thou, O Lord (Kievan Chant) 3:44
Resurrectional Canon, 'In Days of Old' and 'We Praise, Bless' (Znamenny Chant) 0:48
Resurrectional Canon, 'The Son of the eternal Father' (Znamenny Chant) 0:40
Resurrectional Evlogitaria ("Blessed art Thou, O Lord"; Byzantine Chant) 3:43
Resurrectional Matins Troparion 'Today Salvation has Come' (Znamenny Chant) 0:56
Resurrectional Matins Troparion ("Having risen"; Znamenny Chant) 1:21
Resurrectional Theotokion of the Praises 'You are Most Blessed' 0:44
Saint Symeon's Prayer ("Lord now lettest"; Byzantine Chant) 1:09
Song of Ascent, From My Youth (Valaam Chant) 1:58
St. Symeon's Prayer, Lord, Now Lettest 1:01
Sunday Matins Prokeimenon, 'Arise, O God' and 'Let Everything that Breathes' (Znamenny Chant) 2:21
Theotokion, Rejoice, O Virgin 1:46
Trisagion ("Holy God", Georgian Chant) 2:28
Troparion ("When the glorious disciples"; Byzantine Chant) 1:23
Tuesday Vespers Prokeimenon ("Thy mercy, O Lord"; Serbian Chant) 0:58
Vespers Prokeimenon, the Lord Is King (Carpathian Chant) 1:57
Vouchsafe, O Lord 1:29

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