I.M.P. (San Francisco hip-hop group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Back in the Days I.M.P. 3:21
Bang Bang I.M.P. 3:27
Bay Nigga I.M.P. 4:46
Bitch Made I.M.P. 4:41
Boots Laced Tight I.M.P. 3:56
Boss Mackin' I.M.P. 4:40
Breakem' Off Something I.M.P. 3:00
Dank Right I.M.P. 1:52
Disciples of Kain Agency feat. I.M.P. 5:12
Domestic Violence I.M.P. 4:53
Don't Get It Twisted I.M.P. 4:55
Don't Try to Play Me I.M.P. 3:39
Frisco I.M.P. feat. Cellski, Chewy-C & Dre Dog 5:10
Gangsta Shit I.M.P. feat. 2.2, RBL Posse & Totally Insane 5:13
Goin' Out Like a Gangsta I.M.P. 4:03
Hillary I.M.P. 2:38
IMP Dogs (Kickin' It) I.M.P. 3:02
Jealousy I.M.P. 4:17
Let Your Hoe Go I.M.P. 2:20
Livin' Reckless I.M.P. 4:55
Merciless I.M.P. 5:00
Nigga Rays I.M.P. 3:23
No Witnesses I.M.P. 3:58
Protect What You Hustle Fo' I.M.P. 4:46
Public Execution I.M.P. 4:31
Scandlous I.M.P. 3:58
Shinin' Star I.M.P. 4:25
Spy Jazz I.M.P. 1:16
Tell Me Somethin' Good (remix) I.M.P. 4:46
The Bay Way I.M.P. 3:20
The Last Breath I.M.P. 5:43
Vengence Agency feat. I.M.P. 4:09
Wild Ass West I.M.P. 3:20

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