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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
7 Things Will Owsley guitar [guitars] Miley Cyrus 3:33
7 Things Will Owsley mandolin Miley Cyrus 3:33
Angel With No Wings acoustic guitar and guitar family Kevin Max 4:23
Be guitar Kevin Max 3:48
Gonna Get Caught guest and guitar Demi Lovato 3:10
On and On acoustic guitar Kevin Max 4:20
On the Line guest and guitar Demi Lovato feat. Jonas Brothers 3:26
Shaping Space guitar family Kevin Max 4:01
Shaping Space acoustic guitar Kevin Max 4:01
Trainwreck guest and guitar Demi Lovato 3:17
Stereotype Be acoustic guitar and guitar Kevin Max
7 Things Will Owsley Miley Cyrus 3:33
I Don't Belong background vocals Kevin Max 3:33
Trainwreck guest Demi Lovato 3:17
I Don't Belong