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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Black Ice Skoyz 4:13
Cold Colour Skoyz 5:53
Cold Colour (Destroid Makes You Freeze mix by Daniel Myer) Skoyz 4:31
Cold Colour (Phoenix mix by Skoyz) Skoyz 6:05
Cold Colour (Phoenix mix) Skoyz 6:05
Dark Energy Skoyz 4:45
Dark Energy Skoyz 4:53
Dark Energy (Interlace remix) Skoyz 4:50
Decay Skoyz 4:12
Distorted Dreams Skoyz 5:37
Distorted Dreams (Condition Zero mix by Schattenschlag) Skoyz 4:30
Distorted Dreams (Paradoxal Event mix by Neon Cage Experiment) Skoyz 5:46
Distorted Dreams (The Crystalline Effect remix) Skoyz 4:38
Distress Skoyz 3:04
Distress / Signal Skoyz 5:20
Distress Signal (C-Drone-Defect mix) Skoyz 5:52
Distress Signal (Infekktion mix) Skoyz 5:08
Fade Out Skoyz 5:01
Fade Out (Light of Future) Skoyz 3:30
Hologram Skoyz 4:24
Insane Skoyz 4:26
Lies Skoyz 5:00
Metamorph Skoyz 5:08
Oppression Skoyz 4:04
Oppression V.2 Skoyz 5:51
Opression Skoyz 3:58
Pushed Skoyz 3:22
Redlight Skoyz 4:17
Reflexion Skoyz 5:25
Sound Skoyz 4:25
Terror Skoyz 3:55
The Maze Brain Leisure vs. Skoyz 5:29
Waste Skoyz 5:02
Zoom Skoyz 3:50
Zoom (Factor 2X mix by Polygon) Skoyz 4:24

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