The Martian (Detroit techno)

~ Group


members: Michael Anthony Banks (Detroit techno producer)
Lawrence Burden
Lenny Burden
Gerald Donald (Detroit techno)
Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes
Ghost Dancer
James Pennington
James Marcel Stinson (Detroit electronic musician)
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Date Title Artist Length
Tobacco Ties
Acid Africa (Roots Electric mix) Underground Resistance 6:35
Atomic Witchdokta Underground Resistance 9:29
Deep Space 9 (A Brother Runs This Ship) Galaxy 2 Galaxy 6:41
Firekeeper The Martian 10:13
Particle Shower The Martian 9:20
The Voice of Grandmother The Martian 8:08
Vortexual Conceptions The Martian 5:22
Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer The Martian
Ghostdancer The Martian
Journey to the Martian Polar Cap The Martian
Sex in Zero Gravity The Martian
The Long Winter of Mars The Martian