CROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY (named for the company Elvis worked for in 1954) is one of the hottest rockabilly/jump blues bands to hit the circuit. The band is headlined by Peter Alden. Alden is a highly respected Elvis tribute artist who has taken what he learned about the young Elvis’ career and applied it to his new band. Growing tired of singing the “same old stuff” as an Elvis tribute artist, Pete has assembled a band that has all of the energy of the young Memphis flash quadrupled.

Terry Fulwider on lead guitar has mastered all the great playing styles of Scotty Moore, Chuck Berry, James Burton and others to create a master “original” sound and yet have all the traditional riffs everybody wants to hear. Joe Webber provides a strong “bottom fill” on bass guitar. Joe has mastered all the great boogie-woogie and jump blues bass lines to keep a song moving, and rocking. Chris James on Keyboard can provide a honky-tonk piano sound, as well as full electric keys and strings (if needed). If the horn sound is wanted, but due to budget can’t be provided, Chris is able to create a realistic horn sound to bring the sound of the fifties into the modern day. Ashley Hart adds her smooth voice to background vocals, and brings a touch of glamour to the group.

Rounding out the ‘core’ group on percussion (& musical direction) is David Fontana. David is an accomplished drummer who holds everything together with perfect tempos and a backbeat that keeps everyone dancing. David also provides another ‘Elvis connection’ as he is the son of Elvis’ original drummer D.J. Fontana.

Crown Electric Company prides itself on being able to entertain "everyone". For those who don't like to dance, we put on an exciting stage show that people love to just sit and watch. Our show is not filled with "private jokes", everything we do onstage is meant to include the audience. For those who love to dance, our music provides a fantastic chance to do that. This is not intended for moving in place dancing, Crown Electric Company plays some of the best known rockabilly covers, as well as some new originals to keep the atmosphere exciting. Recently at a show a fan told Pete "..if Elvis had continued what he was doing in the fifties, he'd be you!!"

By playing great music that makes people want to dance, and creating a fun atmosphere both on stage and in the room, CROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY is the perfect band for fairs, conventions and parties of all kinds.

In addition to this, CROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY is the official band for the show "Elvis & Roy: The Lost Concert", an original concept created by Peter Alden and fellow "Legends In Concert" veteran Brian McCullough (Roy Orbison). This fictional concert production is set in 1976, and gives audiences the opportunity to see what a joint performance by Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison "might" have been like.

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