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member of:Seawind Horns
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member of (as Larry Williams):Seawind (flute, saxophone, keyboard)
has personal publisher:Willyworks Music
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Ac‐cent‐tchu‐ate the PositiveAl Jarreau4:03
Betty Bebop’s SongAl Jarreau4:19
Breezin’George Benson & Al Jarreau5:39
Brues for Lee伊東たけし4:00
ClaudiaBoz Scaggs4:07
Every Time You Go AwayGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau4:31
Flight in Mistral伊東たけし4:30
Groovin’ HighAl Jarreau4:13
LotusAl Jarreau5:13
Midnight SunAl Jarreau6:04
Mr. Gokigen伊東たけし4:32
My Foolish HeartAl Jarreau5:35
On Ventura Blvd.伊東たけし4:27
Say It Again伊東たけし4:04
Summer BreezeGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau5:03
The Nearness of YouAl Jarreau3:45
This Masquerade伊東たけし6:07
Waltz for DebbyAl Jarreau4:44
He Tells Himself He’s HappyMichael Franks5:11
Loving You More and MoreMichael Franks3:44
One Bad HabitMichael Franks4:06
That Kinda GirlAlan Gorrie4:24
1977-02Keep Your Eye on the SparrowhornEarl Klugh4:38
1978-05 – 1978-06(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the BaysynthesizerAl Jarreau4:00
1978-05 – 1978-06(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the BayLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau4:00
1978-05 – 1978-06AllsynthesizerAl Jarreau3:51
1978-05 – 1978-06AllLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau3:51
1978-05 – 1978-06Brite n’ Sunny BabeLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau3:30
1978-05 – 1978-06Brite n’ Sunny BabesynthesizerAl Jarreau3:30
1978-05 – 1978-06FlyLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau3:52
1978-05 – 1978-06FlysynthesizerAl Jarreau3:52
1978-05 – 1978-06I DosynthesizerAl Jarreau4:28
1978-05 – 1978-06I DoLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau4:28
1978-05 – 1978-06I’m HomeLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau5:20
1978-05 – 1978-06I’m HomesynthesizerAl Jarreau5:20
1978-05 – 1978-06She’s Leaving HomeLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau7:06
1978-05 – 1978-06She’s Leaving HomesynthesizerAl Jarreau7:06
1978-05 – 1978-06Thinkin’ About It ToosynthesizerAl Jarreau3:18
1978-05 – 1978-06Thinkin’ About It TooLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau3:18
1978-05 – 1978-06Wait a Little WhilesynthesizerAl Jarreau3:40
1978-05 – 1978-06Wait a Little WhileLarry Williamsadditional and keyboardAl Jarreau3:40
1978-12 – 1979-01Better Not Look DownsaxophoneB.B. King3:22
1978-12 – 1979-01Better Not Look DownsaxophoneB.B. King3:22
1978-12 – 1979-01Happy Birthday BluessaxophoneB.B. King3:16
1978-12 – 1979-01Happy Birthday BluessaxophoneB.B. King3:15
1978-12 – 1979-01I’ve Always Been LonelysaxophoneB.B. King5:27
1978-12 – 1979-01I’ve Always Been LonelysaxophoneB.B. King5:29
1978-12 – 1979-01Same Old Story (Same Old Song)saxophoneB.B. King4:33
1978-12 – 1979-01Secondhand WomansaxophoneB.B. King3:21
1978-12 – 1979-01The Beginning of the EndsaxophoneB.B. King2:22
1979-04-26 – 1979-07-12Your Good Thing (Is About to End)saxophoneBonnie Raitt4:02
1982Can't Hide Your LovewoodwindHerbie Hancock3:55
1982Gettin' to the Good PartwoodwindHerbie Hancock6:13
1982Give It All Your HeartwoodwindHerbie Hancock7:41
1982Lite Me Up!woodwindHerbie Hancock3:41
1982Motor MouthwoodwindHerbie Hancock3:59
1982The BombwoodwindHerbie Hancock3:59
1982The Fun TrackswoodwindHerbie Hancock4:04
1984-07Brues for Leesynthesizer伊東たけし4:00
1984-07Brues for Leetenor saxophone伊東たけし4:00
1984-07Brues for Leegrand piano伊東たけし4:00
1984-07Brues for LeeRhodes piano伊東たけし4:00
1984-07Flight in Mistralsynthesizer伊東たけし4:30
1984-07Flight in MistralRhodes piano伊東たけし4:30
1984-07Godzillatenor saxophone伊東たけし4:09
1984-07Godzillagrand piano伊東たけし4:09
1984-07Mr. Gokigensynthesizer伊東たけし4:32
1984-07Mr. Gokigengrand piano伊東たけし4:32
1984-07On Ventura Blvd.tenor saxophone伊東たけし4:27
1984-07On Ventura Blvd.synthesizer伊東たけし4:27
1984-07On Ventura Blvd.grand piano伊東たけし4:27
1984-07Say It AgainRhodes piano伊東たけし4:04
1984-07Say It Againsynthesizer伊東たけし4:04
1984-07Say It Againtenor saxophone伊東たけし4:04
1984-07Say It Againflute伊東たけし4:04
1984-07This Masqueradesynthesizer伊東たけし6:07
1984-07This Masqueradegrand piano伊東たけし6:07
1985-02-04 – 1985-02-21Feel Alrighttenor saxophoneTHE SQUARE4:32
1985-02-04 – 1985-02-21In the Gridtenor saxophoneTHE SQUARE4:34
1985-02-04 – 1985-02-21Stimulatortenor saxophoneTHE SQUARE1:24
1987ASALarry Williamskeyboard and tenor saxophoneLee Ritenour5:22
1991-09 – 1992-01Since the Last Timetenor saxophoneLyle Lovett7:12
1991 – 1992Open ArmsLarry WilliamskeyboardTracy Chapman4:36
1995-07 – 1996-05Shapes and PatternssaxophoneSwing Out Sister0:53
1995-07 – 1996-05Shapes and Patterns (reprise)saxophoneSwing Out Sister1:23
1995-07 – 1996-05Somewhere in the WorldsaxophoneSwing Out Sister3:46
1995-07 – 1996-05You Already KnowsaxophoneSwing Out Sister4:34
1996-01 – 1996-02Naughty Boytenor saxophoneT‐SQUARE6:11
2004Ac‐cent‐tchu‐ate the PositivekeyboardAl Jarreau4:03
2004Betty Bebop’s SongkeyboardAl Jarreau4:19
2004Groovin’ HighkeyboardAl Jarreau4:13
2004Midnight SunkeyboardAl Jarreau6:04
2004My Foolish HeartkeyboardAl Jarreau5:35
2004The Nearness of YoukeyboardAl Jarreau3:45
2004Waltz for DebbykeyboardAl Jarreau4:44
2006Breezin’Larry WilliamskeyboardGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau5:39
2006Every Time You Go AwayLarry WilliamspianoGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau4:31
2006Summer BreezeLarry Williamskeyboard and pianoGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau5:03
(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Caretenor saxophoneJoni Mitchell2:38
A Taste of Things to Comeguest and hornGo West3:47
A Thousand TimesreedsGábor Szabó9:17
Accentuate the PositivesynthesizerDr. John3:56
Ain’t NobodyfluteRufus & Chaka Khan4:41
Ain’t Nobodyalto saxophoneRufus & Chaka Khan4:41
Ain’t That Peculiar (live, 1982-02: The Savoy, New York, NY, USA)fluteRufus & Chaka Khan3:29
Ain’t That PeculiarsaxophoneStevie Woods3:32
Ain’t That Peculiar (live, 1982-02: The Savoy, New York, NY, USA)alto saxophoneRufus & Chaka Khan3:29
Alfie's Themealto saxophoneLee Ritenour6:01
All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Gobrass [horns]Michael Franks3:47
All I KnowsaxophoneGeorge Benson4:38
American PopsynthesizerThe Manhattan Transfer3:34
American Popbass guitarThe Manhattan Transfer3:34
American PopsaxophoneThe Manhattan Transfer3:34
American PopkeyboardThe Manhattan Transfer3:34
And You Know What ... I Love YoukeyboardLee Ritenour5:18
Annabellasolo and synthesizer国府弘子5:13
Another Part of MesaxophoneMichael Jackson3:55
At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up) (live, 1982-02: The Savoy, New York, NY, USA)fluteRufus & Chaka Khan3:39
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instruments arranged
Agua (Agua)The Manhattan Transfer5:10
American PopThe Manhattan Transfer3:34
Bird of ParadisekeyboardDjavan5:12
Brues for Leesynthesizer伊東たけし4:00
Capim (Capim)The Manhattan Transfer5:12
Cool Runningbrass [horns]Boz Scaggs4:14
DindihornPauline Wilson5:39
DrivingsynthesizerEverything but the Girl3:59
Flight in Mistralsynthesizer伊東たけし4:30
Follow Your RoadstringsOmega Sunrise5:50
Godzillawind instruments [horns]伊東たけし4:09
Good Morning HeartachehornPauline Wilson5:00
He Tells Himself He’s Happybrass [horns]Michael Franks5:11
Hear the Voices (Bahia de todas as contas)The Manhattan Transfer4:09
Hold On I’m Comin’brass [horns]Aretha Franklin5:15
I Don't Want to Lose HimhornRandy Crawford3:08
I Have Everything But YouhornRandy Crawford3:17
I Know You, I Live YouhornChaka Khan4:30
Imagining AmericasynthesizerEverything but the Girl4:59
Imperial StruthornYellowjackets5:30
It's Almost GonehornYellowjackets6:00
Letter Full of TearshornRandy Crawford3:12
Look Who's Lonely NowhornRicky Peterson4:20
Look Who’s Lonely NowhornRandy Crawford3:39
Lotus BlossomsynthesizerMichael Franks4:15
Loving You More and Morebrass [horns]Michael Franks3:44
Matinee IdolhornYellowjackets5:12
Me and Bobby DsynthesizerEverything but the Girl4:10
Meet Me in the MorningsynthesizerEverything but the Girl3:50
Mimosabrass [horns]George Benson & Earl Klugh6:50
Mr. Gokigensynthesizer伊東たけし4:32
Never Let Me GostringsPauline Wilson4:28
Notes From the Underground (Antes que seja tarde)The Manhattan Transfer5:47
On Ventura Blvd.synthesizer伊東たけし4:27
One Bad Habitbrass [horns]Michael Franks4:06
Rio de Janeiro BluestringsPauline Wilson4:52
Rush HourhornYellowjackets5:18
Say It Againsynthesizer伊東たけし4:04
Search OnstringsAretha Franklin4:50
Search Onwoodwind [woodwinds]Aretha Franklin4:50
Sentimental MoodstringsPauline Wilson5:31
Sittin' In IthornYellowjackets5:12
Soldier of FortuneThe Manhattan Transfer4:21
Someone to Watch Over MestringsPauline Wilson4:36
Take MesynthesizerEverything but the Girl4:08
That Kinda Girlbrass [horns]Alan Gorrie4:24
The Girl UpstairssaxophoneAlan Gorrie4:12
The HornethornYellowjackets5:35
The Nearness of YouflutePauline Wilson6:15
This Independencebrass [horn]The Manhattan Transfer5:01
This IndependenceThe Manhattan Transfer5:01
This Masqueradesynthesizer伊東たけし6:07
This Masqueradewind instruments [horns]伊東たけし6:07
This Night Won't Last ForeverhornRandy Crawford4:02
UpsaxophoneAlan Gorrie3:57
We Can Work It OuthornChaka Khan3:44
We Got Each OtherhornChaka Khan3:56
We Had a Love So StronghornRandy Crawford2:50
When I Fall in LovestringsPauline Wilson4:34
When I Lose My WayhornRandy Crawford3:43
When I'm GonehornRandy Crawford2:41
Who You LovehornJohn Mayer feat. Katy Perry4:12
Whole Lot of Mewoodwind [woodwinds]Aretha Franklin3:25
Whole Lot of MeLarry FranklinstringsAretha Franklin3:25
WindsonghornRandy Crawford3:27
Bird of ParadisesoloDjavan5:12
ForeverPhil Perry4:59
Brues for Leeassociate伊東たけし4:00
Every Time You Go AwaycoGeorge Benson & Al Jarreau4:31
Flight in Mistralassociate伊東たけし4:30
Mr. Gokigenassociate伊東たけし4:32
On Ventura Blvd.associate伊東たけし4:27
Say It Againassociate伊東たけし4:04
This Masqueradeassociate伊東たけし6:07
Time on the NileLarry WilliamsHiroshima5:20
1987PortraitsynthesizerLee Ritenour4:29
1987RunawaysynthesizerLee Ritenour4:43
1987Turn the Heat UpsynthesizerLee Ritenour4:00
1987WindmillsynthesizerLee Ritenour4:20
1989I’ll Be Good to YouLarry WilliamssynthesizerQuincy Jones, Ray Charles & Chaka Khan4:56
Agua (Agua)synthesizerThe Manhattan Transfer5:10
BetchasynthesizerJon Anderson4:01
Brazilian StompsynthesizerGeorge Benson & Earl Klugh5:33
Capim (Capim)synthesizerThe Manhattan Transfer5:12
CollaborationsynthesizerGeorge Benson & Earl Klugh6:16
Ever Changing TimesAretha Franklin feat. Michael McDonald4:55
Hear the Voices (Bahia de todas as contas)synthesizerThe Manhattan Transfer4:09
Imperial Strutadditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:30
It's Almost Goneadditional and synthesizerYellowjackets6:00
JamaicasynthesizerGeorge Benson & Earl Klugh5:40
Leave Me Alonedrums (drum set)Michael Jackson4:40
Matinee Idoladditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:12
MimosasynthesizerGeorge Benson & Earl Klugh6:50
Notes From the Underground (Antes que seja tarde)synthesizerThe Manhattan Transfer5:47
Priscillaadditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:13
Reservations for TwosynthesizerDionne Warwick feat. Kashif4:24
Rush Houradditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:18
Since You’re GonesynthesizerGeorge Benson & Earl Klugh5:46
Sittin' In Itadditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:12
SWEET DREAMSsynthesizerMALTA4:16
The Hornetadditional and synthesizerYellowjackets5:35
The Way You Make Me Feel (album version)synthesizerMichael Jackson4:58
WindmillLarry WilliamssynthesizerLee Ritenour4:21
1984-04-13 – 1984-05-17L.A. Is My LadysaxophoneFrank Sinatra with Quincy Jones and Orchestra
Enter Inbrass [horns]James Vincent
FingerprintshornLarry Carlton
RendezvouspiccoloGeorge Duke
RendezvousfluteGeorge Duke
Singlebrass [horns]Bill Champlin
The Glowguest and saxophoneBonnie Raitt
The Glowguest and saxophoneBonnie Raitt
Three WishessaxophoneSpyro Gyra
What Up, Dog?brass, guest, horn and saxophoneWas (Not Was)
Window of a Childkeyboard and woodwindSeawind
Yakety Yak - Take It BackkeyboardVarious Artists
instruments arranged
The Dukesbrass [horns]Bugatti & Musker
Window of a ChildstringsSeawind
Awa YiôIvan Lins
Love DanceIvan Lins
Art of Survival
Even You and I
Love Dance
Some Morning
Who's in Love Here
You Moved Me To This
Mr. Gokigen
Sound Rainbow
Sound Rainbow
Everything Needs Love
Ride the Hurricane
She Rocked My World