Trip Lee

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Shweet Trip Lee QMTND1100471 3:49
Slow it Down (Simplify Your Life) Sho Baraka feat. Trip Lee 3:28
Snitch Trip Lee 4:06
Snitch (Beat-L's remix) Trip Lee 4:34
Something New Trip Lee 1:17
Sound Trip Lee 4:00
Still Unashamed Trip Lee feat. Tedashii 4:36
Superstar (Eyes Off Me) Trip Lee 3:45
Sweet Victory Trip Lee feat. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith QMTND1100482 5:08
Take Me There Trip Lee feat. Jimmy Needham 3:48
The Invasion (Hero) Trip Lee feat. Jai 5:37
The Invasion (Hero) (Meets Eleanor remix) Trip Lee 5:32
The Rising Sho Baraka feat. Trip Lee & Erica Cumbo 4:15
The Saints Andy Mineo feat. KB & Trip Lee 3:58
The Saints (a cappella) Andy Mineo feat. KB & Trip Lee 4:04
The Saints (instrumental) Andy Mineo feat. KB & Trip Lee 4:04
The Saints (Ray Rock remix) Andy Mineo feat. Trip Lee & KB 4:53
The Saints (remix) Black Knight feat. Andy Mineo, KB, & Trip Lee 4:01
To Live Is Christ Trip Lee 4:55
Too Cold Trip Lee 3:20
Trip Lee (interlude) Trip Lee 1:43
True Security Trip Lee 4:53
Twisted Trip Lee feat. Lecrae, PRo & Thi'sl 4:52
War Trip Lee 4:25
We Can Be More (Gentlemen's remix) Sho Baraka feat. J.R., Trip Lee, Alex Medina & Flame 3:24
We Did Tedashii feat. Trip Lee 4:34
We Told 'em Trip Lee 4:04
What It Do Json feat. Trip Lee & Titus 4:09
Who He Is Trip Lee feat. Lecrae & Cam 4:10
Who Is Like Him? Trip Lee 4:43
Who You Rollin' Wit' Trip Lee feat. Flame & Json 4:11
Why Me Trip Lee feat. The Ambassador 3:56
You & Me (feat. Amanda Cook & Trip Lee) William Matthews feat. Amanda Cook & Trip Lee 3:44
You Don’t Know Trip Lee 5:09
Young & Unashamed Trip Lee feat. Cam 4:41
Yours to Own Trip Lee feat. Jimmy Needham 4:04

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