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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1 for No Money Themselves feat. Sole 1:07
Albert Brown / It's Them (encore combo) Themselves 10:05
Another Part of the Clown's Brain Themselves 4:21
ANTarctica Themselves 3:22
Back 2 Burn Themselves feat. Pedestrian 1:48
Back II Burn (remixed by Themselves) Themselves 4:07
BackIIBurn Themselves US4M30903297 4:06
Crayon Sharpener Themselves 3:23
Crosssection of Wreckage Themselves feat. Alias and DJ Andrew 2:56
Dark Sky (demo) Themselves 2:35
Dark Sky (demo) Themselves 3:47
Dark Sky Demo Themselves 3:56
Darkskydemo (Fog remix) Themselves 4:18
Daxstrong Themselves US4M30903301 3:37
Daxstrong (remixed by 13 & God) Themselves 4:27
Deadcatclear II (remixed by Baths) Themselves 3:41
DeadcatclearII Themselves US4M30903305 5:30
Death of a Thespian Themselves 2:22
Directions to My Special Place Themselves 4:34
Doc. Moon or Gun Please Themselves 2:28
Dr. Moonorgun Please (Grapedope remix) Themselves 3:20
Each Ant in Their House Themselves 7:05
Eating Homework Themselves 4:08
Epic (instrumental) Themselves 3:30
Free & Void Themselves 2:00
Free Whodini (improv) Themselves 4:04
Friends Themselves 6:31
Gangster of Disbelief Themselves US4M30903300 3:50
Gangster of Disbelief (part of "Mix Mice Elf" DJ-mix) Themselves 3:09
Gangster of Disbelief (remixed by Alias) Themselves 3:24
Gold Teeth Will Roll Themselves US4M30903306 4:00
Gold Teeth Will Roll (remixed by Bracken) Themselves 3:34
Good People Check Themselves 3:51
Good People Check (Hrvatski remix) Themselves 5:03
Good People Check (Hrvatski remix) Themselves 5:03
Good People Check (Hrvatski remix) Themselves 3:18
Grass Skirt & Fruit Hat Themselves 4:20
Grass Skirt & Fruit Hat Themselves 4:55
Hat in the Wind Themselves 8:18
Hat in the Wind Themselves 5:16
Hat in the Wind Themselves 5:17
Hat in the Wind (Electric Birds remix) Themselves 7:13
Hat Set for Butler (Themselves Demix) Themselves 2:42
Home Work Themselves 2:38
Home:Work Themselves 2:14
I Themselves 2:26
It's Them Themselves 5:58
It's Them Themselves 3:22
It's Them Themselves 6:03
John Brown's Vaporizer Themselves 4:11
John Brown's Vaporizer (feat. Mr. Dibbs) Themselves 4:14
Joyful Toy of 1001 Faces Themselves 4:35
Joyful Toy of 1001 Faces (feat. Bookworm) Themselves 4:37
Joyful Toy of 1001 Faces (instrumental) Themselves 3:31
Keys to Ignition Themselves feat. Serengeti 3:13
Kick the Ball Themselves feat. Buck 65 2:57
Know That to Know This Themselves feat. Aesop Rock 3:21
Know That to Know This Themselves feat. Aesop Rock 3:21
Know That to Know This (part of "Mix Mice Elf" DJ-mix) Themselves feat. Aesop Rock 2:49
Live Trap Themselves 3:32
Livetrap Themselves 2:57
Livetrap (Hood remix) Themselves 2:51
Long Time Coming Themselves feat. Lionesque 3:51
Lyrical Cougel Themselves 3:18
Moodswingset (Takes 1–3) [Improv] Themselves 1:50
Moreparisimprov Themselves 0:36
Mouthful Themselves 4:07
Mouthful (Matth & Controller 7 remix) Themselves 4:12
Mouthfull Themselves 0:14
My Way Out of a Paper Bag Themselves 5:33
Only Child Explosion Themselves 2:30
Only Child Explosion Themselves 2:05
Only Child Explosion (Alias remix) Themselves 2:56
Out in the Open Themselves 5:24
Out in the Open Themselves 4:41
Out in the Open (Notwist remix) Themselves 5:35
Oversleeping Themselves 1:53
Oversleeping Themselves US4M30903298 3:15
Oversleeping (remixed by Dälek) Themselves 3:29
P.U.S.H. Themselves ?:??
Paging Dr. Moon or Gun Themselves 3:42
Party Rap Sucks Themselves feat. Busdriver 1:24
Pay That Piper Themselves 2:13
Poison Pit Themselves 4:02
Poison Pit Themselves 2:07
Poison Pit (Why? remix) Themselves 3:15
Program to Hunt 2007 (feat. Slug) Themselves 4:01
Puzzled Themselves feat. Passage and DJ Andrew 3:17
Rappers is Interns (freestyle) Themselves 1:12
Rappers is Modelships Themselves feat. DJ Baku 1:54
Rapping 4 Money Themselves feat. WHY? and cLOUDDEAD 3:56
Revenge of the Fern Themselves 4:53
Roman Is As (remixed by Our Brother the Native) Themselves 4:14
Roman is as Roman Does Themselves 1:56
Roman Is as Roman Does Themselves US4M30903303 4:00
Skinning the Drum Themselves US4M30903304 3:34
Skinning the Drum (remixed by Odd Nosdam) Themselves 4:15
Suici... (reprise) Themselves 1:15
Swarm of Bee II Themselves 2:44
Terror Fabulous Themselves 4:03

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