Maroon 5

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members:James Valentine (2001 –)
Matt Flynn (Maroon 5 drummer) (membranophone, percussion) (2006-09 –)
PJ Morton (keyboard) (2012 –)
PJ Morton (background vocals) (2012 –)
Jesse Carmichael (guitar) (2014 –)
Jesse Carmichael (background vocals) (2014 –)
Jesse Carmichael (keyboard) (2014 –)
original members:Adam Levine (Maroon 5's lead vocalist) (guitar, lead vocals) (2001 –)
Mickey Madden (bass guitar) (2001 –)
Ryan Dusick (membranophone) (2001 – 2006-09)
Jesse Carmichael (background vocals, guitar, keyboard) (2001 – 2012)
supporting membranophone by:Matt Flynn (Maroon 5 drummer) (2004 – 2006-09)
signed by:222 Records (Adam Levine's label)
A&M/Octone Records
Interscope Records
J Records
Octone Records
Reprise Records (genuine label, not for bootleg use)
Warner Bros. Records (1958–2019; “WB” logo, with or without “records” beneath or on banner across)
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love (acoustic)Maroon 53:14
Don't Know NothingMaroon 53:19
Get Back in My LifeMaroon 53:38
Give Me a Little MoreMaroon 53:00
Hands All OverMaroon 53:13
HowMaroon 53:37
I Can't LieMaroon 53:31
If I Ain't Got You (live)Maroon 54:01
Just a FeelingMaroon 53:47
Last ChanceMaroon 53:10
MiseryMaroon 53:36
Misery (acoustic)Maroon 53:47
Never Gonna Leave This BedMaroon 53:17
Never Gonna Leave This Bed (acoustic)Maroon 53:23
No Curtain CallMaroon 53:46
Out of GoodbyesMaroon 5 with Lady Antebellum3:17
RunawayMaroon 53:01
StutterMaroon 53:17
Harder to Breathe (acoustic version) (unplugged, 2003-01-22: The Hit Factory, New York City, NY, USA)Maroon 53:01
Lovely DayMaroon 5 feat. Bill Withers & Kori Withers3:49
Pure ImaginationMaroon 54:22
The Sun (acoustic version) (unplugged, 2003-01-22: The Hit Factory, New York City, NY, USA)Maroon 54:55
Piano Tribute to Maroon 5The Piano Tribute Players
Tribute to Maroon 5Relaxing Piano Covers
Under Your Skin: The String Quartet Tribute to Maroon 5Vitamin String Quartet