member of:The Fruit Tree Foundation
Mastersystem (members of Editors, Frightened Rabbit and Minor Victories)
original member of:Frightened Rabbit (until 2018-05)
performs as:Owl John
siblings:Grant Hutchison
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Wikidata:Q16933593 [info]


art direction
Live From Criminal RecordsFrightened Rabbit
A Good Reason to Grow Old
Acts of Man
Backyard Skulls
Cold Creeps
Dead Now
December's Traditions
Don’t Take Off the Gloves
Hate Music
Housing (in)
Housing (out)
Late March, Death March
Los Angeles, Be Kind
Nitrous Gas
Red Hand
Songs About Roses
State Hospital
Stupid Boy
Ten Tons of Silence
The Oil Slick
The Woodpile
A Frightened Rabbit EPFrightened Rabbit
Owl JohnOwl John
Pedestrian VerseFrightened Rabbit
Sing the GreysFrightened Rabbit
State HospitalFrightened Rabbit
The Winter of Mixed DrinksFrightened Rabbit
The Winter of Mixed DrinksFrightened Rabbit
Boxing NightguitarFrightened Rabbit3:48
Foot Shooterguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:14
Fuck This PlaceguitarFrightened Rabbit3:44
Fun Stuffguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit3:26
Home from WarguitarFrightened Rabbit3:43
Learned Your Nameguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit2:40
Living in Colourguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit3:46
Man/Bag of Sandguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit2:27
Not Miserableguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:13
Nothing Like Youguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit3:04
OffguitarFrightened Rabbit2:54
Scottish WindsguitarFrightened Rabbit2:41
Skip the Youthguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit6:18
SplinterguitarThe Fruit Tree Foundation3:09
SplinterkeyboardThe Fruit Tree Foundation3:09
State HospitalguitarFrightened Rabbit4:37
Swim Until You Can’t See Landguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:19
The Loneliness and the Screamguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:09
The WorkguitarFrightened Rabbit3:44
The Wrestleguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:00
Thingsguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:26
Wedding GlovesguitarFrightened Rabbit5:20
Yes, I Wouldguitar [rhythm guitar]Frightened Rabbit4:37
400 Bones
A Good Reason to Grow Old
Bright Pink Bookmark
Cold Creeps
Death Dream
Don’t Take Off the Gloves
Fast Blood
Floating in the Forth
Fun Stuff
Good Arms vs. Bad Arms
Hate Music
Head Rolls Off
I Feel Better
I Wish I Was Sober
Keep Yourself Warm
Learned Your Name
Living in Colour
Los Angeles, Be Kind
Man/Bag of Sand
My Backwards Walk
Not Miserable
Nothing Like You
Old Old Fashioned
Red Hand
Set Your Free
Skip the Youth
Songs About Roses
Soon Go
Stupid Boy
Swim Until You Can’t See Land
Ten Tons of Silence
The Loneliness and the Scream
The Modern Leper
The Twist
The Wrestle
Who'd You Kill Now?
Yes, I Would
Pedestrian VerseFrightened Rabbit
State HospitalFrightened Rabbit
A Good Reason to Grow OldcoOwl John4:12
Cold CreepscoOwl John4:24
Don’t Take Off the GlovescoOwl John3:24
Hate MusiccoOwl John2:48
Los Angeles, Be KindcoOwl John3:40
Red HandcoOwl John3:30
Songs About RosescoOwl John3:50
Stupid BoycoOwl John2:29
Ten Tons of SilencecoOwl John3:14
TwocoOwl John3:46
Foot ShooterFrightened Rabbit4:14
Man/Bag of SandFrightened Rabbit2:27
Benedictionbackground vocalsDave Hause4:26
Boxing Nightlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:48
Foot Shooterlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:14
Fuck This Placelead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:44
Fun Stufflead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:26
Home from Warlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:43
Learned Your Namelead vocalsFrightened Rabbit2:40
Living in Colourlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:46
Man/Bag of Sandlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit2:27
Not Miserablelead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:13
Nothing Like Youlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:04
Offlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit2:54
Scottish Windslead vocalsFrightened Rabbit2:41
Skip the Youthlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit6:18
State Hospitallead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:37
Swim Until You Can’t See Landlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:19
The Loneliness and the Screamlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:09
The Shinebackground vocalsDave Hause4:00
The Worklead vocalsFrightened Rabbit3:44
The Wrestlelead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:00
Thingslead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:26
Wedding Gloveslead vocalsFrightened Rabbit5:20
Yes, I Wouldlead vocalsFrightened Rabbit4:37
Break in the Clouds
How It Gets In
Rained On
The Work