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collaborators: Jason Zenga (High Def) (2006-01-04 –)
members: Massimo Chiticonti
Riccardo Ferri
Mauro Picotto
Andrea Remondini
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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Gimme More (CRW remix) (part of a “MoS: The Ibiza Annual — Summer 2000” DJ‐mix) Es Vedra 3:37
Into Space (CRW remix) Plaything 6:31
On the Beach (CRW mix) York 6:40
On the Beach (CRW mix) York 3:56
On the Beach (CRW mix) (DJ mix from “MoS: The Annual 2000”) York 3:33
On the Beach (CRW radio edit) York 3:39
On the Beach (CRW radio edit) (part of a “Classic Euphoria, Level 2” DJ‐mix) York 3:23
On the Beach (CRW remix) (part of “Bump 7” DJ‐mix) York 4:34
OTB (Crew remix) Crew York 4:43
OTB (On the Beach) (CRW remix radio edit) York 3:18
Proximus (CRW mix) Mauro Picotto ?:??