Quake (house group)

~ Group


members: Ian Bland
Rob Tissera
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/11806 [info]
other databases: https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/quake [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Communication (Quake remake) additional Armin 6:57
Breathe (Quake mix) Blue Amazon 4:28
After Love (Quake Remake) Blank & Jones 7:21
After Love (Quake remix) (part of “CreamLive” DJ-mix) Blank & Jones 3:25
Angel (Quake mix) Ralph Fridge 4:12
Awakening (Quake remix radio edit) York 3:36
Breathe (Quake mix) Blue Amazon 4:28
Communication (Quake remake) Armin 6:57
Communication (Quake remix) Armin 8:47
Don’t Stop (Quake remake) ATB 8:20
Freedom (Quake vocal remake) Erasure 8:44
In & Out of My Life (Onephat Quake dub mix) (DJ‐mix from “MoS: Trance Nation Three”) ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva 3:42
In and Out of My Life (Quake vocal mix) OnePhatDeeva 7:25
In and Out of My Life (Quake vocal mix) (part of a “A Higher State of…’ Euphoria: Level 3” DJ‐mix) OnePhatDeeva 3:47
Pulverturm (Quake remix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 4” DJ‐mix) Niels van Gogh 2:20
Sea of Blue (Quake mix) Technation ?:??
The Awakening (Quake remix) (part of a “Gatecrasher: Wet” DJ‐mix) York 3:42