Wess Meets West

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
64 Bristol 5:12
A Well Driller's Son 8:29
Atlantic 7:02
Atlantis 11:21
Bottle Rockets 12:31
Chandeliers 2:27
Deadlock Arms 5:35
Deadlock Arms 5:23
DJ Quantum Leap - Steal This (DJ Quantum Leap Remix) 4:12
Fishing The Sky - What Kind Of Bird Are You (Fishing The Sky Remix) 3:32
Hell and Might 7:09
How To Kill A Mammoth 4:56
I Will Break You ?:??
If What I Think Is Happening Is Happening, It Better Not Be 11:05
Ironblue - These Will All Be Stories (Ironblue Remix) 4:48
Is There Anything Else, Charles? ?:??
Leaving Behind A Whaling Economy 10:00
Mike Mandl - What Kind Of Bird Are You (Mike Mandl Remix) 5:00
Moon Under Water ?:??
Moon Under Water 6:02
Mutsamudu 2:02
Nothing Can Stop Chicago Ted 2:11
Oh Shit, Swamp Leeches! 3:24
On an Island, Near the Cathedral ?:??
Pacific 15:27
Places That Aren't Here 6:20
Sleep Speak - These Will All Be Stories (Sleep Speak Remix) 2:53
Some People Just Want to Be Fooled 6:55
Son, Talk Your Devils Down (Extinction) 5:34
Staten Island 4:51
Stealing From Overseas 5:04
Stealing From Overseas / Chandeliers 6:40
The Beaufort Sea 5:18
The Bering Sea 4:19
The Bering Sea 5:22
The Bering Sea: John Nolan Version 3:41
The Bering Sea: Tape Version 5:29
The Big Dock 2:50
The Big Dock, Part II 10:27
The Mountains Are Shaking At Their Roots 10:01
The Other Island - Is There Anything Else, Charles? (The Other Island Remix) 5:15
The Other Island - What Kind Of Bird Are You? (The Other Island Remix) 4:18
The Wars Of Men 9:42
The Working Man 7:05
These Will All Be Stories ?:??
They Burned New England to the Ground ?:??
They Burned New England To The Ground 4:57
This Isn't A Mudpit 4:39
This Place Never Felt Like Home 4:56
We Don't Have Our Fathers, Fathers Wars To Make Us Men 4:09
We Haven’t Located Us Yet 15:05
We Marvel At Man's Machines 7:44
We Marvel at Man’s Machines ?:??
What Kind of Bird Are You? ?:??
You've Still Got Lightning In You 5:47
Youve Made A Cuckold of Me 0:58

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