Fryderyk Chopin

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Legal name: Frédéric François Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin


Frédéric François Chopin (/ˈʃpæn/; French: [fʁedeʁik fʁɑ̃swa ʃɔpɛ̃]; 1 March 1810 – 17 October 1849), born Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era who wrote primarily for the solo piano. He gained and has maintained renown worldwide as a leading musician of his era, whose "poetic genius was based on a professional technique that was without equal in his generation." Chopin was born in what was then the Duchy of Warsaw and grew up in Warsaw, which in 1815 became part of Congress Poland. A child prodigy, he completed his musical education and composed his earlier works in Warsaw before leaving Poland at the age of 20, less than a month before the outbreak of the November 1830 Uprising.

At 21 he settled in Paris. Thereafter, during the last 18 years of his life, he gave only some 30 public performances, preferring the more intimate atmosphere of the salon. He supported himself by selling his compositions and by teaching piano, for which he was in high demand. Chopin formed a friendship with Franz Liszt and was admired by many of his musical contemporaries, including Robert Schumann. In 1835 he obtained French citizenship. After a failed engagement to Maria Wodzińska from 1836 to 1837, he maintained an often troubled relationship with the French woman writer George Sand. A brief and unhappy visit to Majorca with Sand in 1838–39 was one of his most productive periods of composition. In his last years, he was financially supported by his admirer Jane Stirling, who also arranged for him to visit Scotland in 1848. Through most of his life, Chopin suffered from poor health. He died in Paris in 1849, at the age of 39, probably of tuberculosis.

All of Chopin's compositions include the piano. Most are for solo piano, though he also wrote two piano concertos, a few chamber pieces, and some songs to Polish lyrics. His keyboard style is highly individual and often technically demanding; his own performances were noted for their nuance and sensitivity. Chopin invented the concept of the instrumental ballade. His major piano works also include mazurkas, waltzes, nocturnes, polonaises, études, impromptus, scherzos, preludes and sonatas, some published only after his death. Influences on his composition style include Polish folk music, the classical tradition of J. S. Bach, Mozart and Schubert, the music of all of whom he admired, as well as the Paris salons where he was a frequent guest. His innovations in style, musical form, and harmony, and his association of music with nationalism, were influential throughout and after the late Romantic period.

Chopin's music, his status as one of music's earliest superstars, his association (if only indirect) with political insurrection, his love life and his early death have made him a leading symbol of the Romantic era in the public consciousness. His works remain popular, and he has been the subject of numerous films and biographies of varying degrees of historical accuracy.

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Album + Compilation

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1991 The Chopin Collection: Seven Polonaises / Two Sonatas / Fantasie in F Minor Fryderyk Chopin; Artur Rubinstein 1
1992 Chopin: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 / Barcarolles / Impromptus / Nocturnes / Preludes / Waltzes Chopin; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Eliahu Inbal, Claudio Arrau 1
1992 Die Klassiksammlung 3: Chopin: Klavierstücke Frédéric Chopin 4
1993 Waltzes nos. 1-19 / Impromptus nos. 1-3 Fryderyk Chopin; Agustin Anievas 1
1993 Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra Chopin; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Eliahu Inbal, Claudio Arrau 1
1993 Piano Music (Complete), Volume 2 Frédéric Chopin; İdil Biret 1
1993 Mad About Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1993 The Complete Masterworks Recordings, Volume 7: Early Romantics Chopin; Schumann; Владимир Самойлович Горовиц 1
1993 Arthur de Greef, Volume 1: Piano Concerto no. 2 in G minor, op. 22 Saint‐Saëns, Grieg, Schumann, Chopin, Prokofiev, Raff, Liszt, Grétry/de Greef; Arthur de Greef 1
1993 Favourites From The Classics - Chopin Fryderyk Chopin 1
1993 Horowitz plays Beethoven, Scarlatti, Chopin Beethoven, Scarlatti, Chopin; Vladimir Horowitz 1
1993 Horowitz plays Chopin, Volume 3 Frédéric Chopin; Владимир Самойлович Горовиц 1
1993 Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 Frédéric Chopin 1
1993 Romantic Piano Frédéric Chopin 1
1993 The Classical Collection 28: Chopin: Romantic Classics Frédéric Chopin 3
1994 The Complete Recordings of Chopin Chopin; Solomon 1
1994 Barcarolle / Mazurkas / Polonaises / Berceuse Chopin; Vladimir Shakin, Eva Smirnova 2
1994 Greatest Hits Chopin 1
1994 Sonata No. 3 / Mazurkas Chopin; Evgeny Kissin 1
1994 Cziffra Edition, no. 2 : Chopin Chopin; Georges Cziffra 1
1994 Greatest Hits Frédéric Chopin 2
1994 Mazurkas / Waltzes / Scherzi / Polonaise no. 6 / Ballade no. 1 Frédéric Chopin; Tamás Vásáry 2
1994 The B minor Sonatas Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt; Shura Cherkassky 1
1994 The Classical Collection 56: Chopin: Romantic Masterpieces Frédéric Chopin 1
1995 Chopin and Champagne Frédéric Chopin 1
1995 Die Klassiksammlung 55: Chopin: Romantische Klavierliteratur Frédéric Chopin 2
1995 Die Klassiksammlung 67: Chopin: Genius der Romantik Frédéric Chopin 3
1995 Grandes Compositores de la Música Clásica: Chopin Frédérik Chopin; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 3
1995 Klassik zum Kuscheln: The Romantic Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1995 Les Grandes Pages de Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1995 The Best of Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1995 The Great Composers: Chopin - Piano Recital Frédéric Chopin 2
1995 The Piano Works Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 3
1996 Polonaises, etc. Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 1
1996 Klavierkonzerte Nr. 1 & 2 Chopin; Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, Kurt Masur, Annerose Schmidt 2
1996 Nocturnes Op. 9, 15, 27, 32 (Brigitte Engerer) Frédéric Chopin 1
1996 All-Chopin Recital Fryderyk Chopin; Wilhelm Backhaus 1
1996 Favourite Piano Works Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 2
1996 Os grandes clássicos: Concerto para piano e orquestra op. 11 no. 1 / Nocturnos op. 48 e 55 Fryderyk Chopin 1
1996 Paperno Plays Chopin Chopin; Dmitry Paperno 1
1996 Piano Concertos 1 and 2 Frédéric Chopin; London Symphony Orchestra, Antal Doráti, Gina Bachauer 1
1997 Martha Argerich Collection, Volume 2: Solo Works Chopin, Bach; Martha Argerich 1
1997 Nocturnes (Selection) Frédéric Chopin; İdil Biret 1
1997 Chopin - Pletnev Chopin; Mikhail Pletnev 1
1997 The Best of Chopin (Idil Biret) Chopin 1
1997 The Best of Chopin Chopin; İdil Biret 1
1997 The Complete Nocturnes and Impromptus Chopin; Claudio Arrau 1
1997 BBC Music, Piano Special Issue: The Piano Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin & Robert Schumann/Sviatoslav Richter 1
1997 Cello Sonatas Chopin, Fauré, Poulenc; Pieter Wispelwey, Paolo Giacometti 1
1997 Chopin Selections Frédéric Chopin 1 2
1997 Golden Touch Classics Frédéric Chopin 1
1997 Mazurkas (Complete) / Polonaises Frédéric Chopin; Alexander Brailowsky 1
1997 The Best of Chopin Frédéric Chopin 2
1997 The Best of Piano Classics Frédéric Chopin 1
1998 Music of the Night: The Essential Chopin Collection Fryderyk Chopin 1
1998 Cello Sonatas Beethoven, Chopin; Pierre Fournier, Friedrich Gulda, Jean Fonda 1
1998 24 Préludes / Sonate n°2 "Marche funèbre" Chopin; Géza Anda, Tamás Vásáry 1
1998 Chopin for Lovers Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 2
1998 Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 32: Walter Gieseking I Mozart, Chopin, Franck; Walter Gieseking 1
1998 Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 41: Friedrich Gulda II Beethoven, Chopin, Strauss, Weber; Friedrich Gulda 1
1998 Masters of Classical Music, Vol. 8: Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1998 Piano Concerto no. 1 / Piano Concerto no. 2 Chopin; Sandor Falvai, Adam Harasiewicz 1
1998 Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (Tzimon Barto, Stanislav Bunin) Frédéric Chopin 1
1998 The Best of Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
1998 Wibi Soerjadi plays Chopin Frédéric Chopin; Wibi Soerjadi 1
1999 Complete Piano Music Frédéric Chopin; İdil Biret 1
1999 Complete Edition: The Man and His Music Chopin 10
1999 Deutsche Grammophon Collection: Chopin: Cello Sonata / Polonaise / Schumann: Adagio and Allegro / Scenes From Childhood Fryderyk Chopin, Robert Schumann; Мстислав Ростропович, Martha Argerich 1
1999 Favourite Piano Pieces Frédéric Chopin; Martha Argerich, Tamás Vásáry, Stanislav Bunin, Jean-Marc Luisada, Lazar Berman, Anatol Ugorski 2
1999 Grandes Compositores De Música Clássica Fryderyk Chopin 3
1999 Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 91: Vladimir Sofronitsky Chopin, Scriabin; Vladimir Sofronitsky 1
1999 Stars der Klassik Ludwig v. Beethoven, J. Brahms, F. Chopin, A. Vivaldi, J. F. Fasch, J. N. Hummel, W. A. Mozart & J. Haydn 1
1999 The Best of Chopin Frederic Chopin 1
1999 The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 4: Chopin Polonaises Chopin; Arthur Rubinstein 1
1999 The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 28: Polonaises Chopin; Arthur Rubinstein 1
2000 4 Ballades / 4 Scherzi Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 1
2000 L'Essentiel Frédéric Chopin 1
2000 The Best of Chopin: Signature Series Frédéric Chopin 1
2001 Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1 / 4 Nocturnes / Ballade No. 1 / Polonaise No. 6 Frédéric Chopin 1
2001 Préludes, op. 28 / 14 Valses Frédéric Chopin; Alfred Cortot 1
2001 The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 26: Chopin: Nocturnes / Scherzos / 3 Nouvelles Etudes / Fantaisie-Impromptu Chopin; Arthur Rubinstein 1
2001 Piano Works / Klavierwerke / Œuvres pour piano Chopin; Samson François 1
2001 The Complete Preludes Chopin; Dmitri Alexeev, Andrei Gavrilov 1
2001 Haydn: Andante & Variations in F minor / Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 14 "Moonlight", 32 Variations in C minor / Chopin: Scherzo no. 3 in C-sharp minor / Kodály: Dances of Marosszék / Mozart; Piano Sonata no. 14 in C minor Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin, Kodály, Mozart; Annie Fischer 1
2001 The Best Of Chopin Frederic Chopin; Tamás Vásáry, Christoph Eschenbach, Stefan Askenase, Lazar Berman 1
2002 The Chopin Experience Chopin; Vladimir Ashkenazy 2
2002 Complete Mazurkas Chopin; Arthur Rubinstein 1
2002 Concerto, Waltz, Fantaisie, Nocturne, Polonaise, Sonata, Ballade, Mazurka, Prélude, Scherzo Fryderyk Chopin 1
2002 Essential Chopin Chopin; Philippe Entremont, André Watts 1
2003 Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 5 / Brahms, Schubert, Chopin Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert, Fryderyk Chopin, Arthur Rubinstein, Philharmonia Orchestra & Eugene Ormandy 1
2003 Chill With Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
2003 Arrau Heritage: Chopin Chopin; Claudio Arrau 1
2003 Live Chopin, Mussorgsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninov; Ewa Podleś, Garrick Ohlsson 1
2003 Masters Classic Frédéric Chopin 1
2003 Œuvres pour piano Chopin; Georges Cziffra 3
2003 Portrait Frédéric Chopin 1
2004 Piano Concerto No. 1 / 4 Nocturnes / Ballade No. 1 / Polonaise No. 6 (Philharmonia Orchestra feat. conductor: Paul Kletzki, piano: Maurizio Pollini) Frédéric Chopin 2
2004 Chopin: Mazurkas, valses & autres dances - Schoonderwoerd, Arthur (piano) Frédéric Chopin 1
2004 The Best of Chopin Frédéric Chopin 1
2004 Burkard Schliessmann plays Leopold Godowsky & Franz Liszt Leopold Godowsky, Franz Liszt, Fryderyk Chopin; Burkard Schliessmann 5 1

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