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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
"He's Here!"
"I Work for Keyser Söze"
"It Was Beautiful"
A Gift
Another Day / Sneaking Out / Looking for Ben additional
Back to the Pier
Bad Wine
Casing the Boat
Destroying the Evidence
Dinner Date
End Titles (The Resident)
Erection Dejection
Farewell Fenster
Finding Max
Finishing the Job
First Night / Welcome Gift
Getting on Board
Keyser Appears
Kobayashi's Domain
Love Injection
Main Titles (The Resident)
Max Is Back
My Life Now
Nailing Max
New York's Finest
Not Your Average 9-Year-Old
Opening / Labor of Love
Opening Up / Behind the Walls
Orphan's Revenge
Painting a Story / Esther Comes Home
Payback Time
Rough Day
Saint Marianas
Secret Society
Silent Story / Max's Theme
Something Nice
Sublet Security / Brush 'n Stroke
Suite for Jessica and Max
Swimming additional
The Arrests
The Cold Shoulder
The Faces of His Family
The Garage
The Greatest Trick
The Killing of a Rat
The Plan Begins
The Story Begins
The Usual Suspects: Main Theme
The Water
Theme (Astro Boy, 2009)
Theme From the Resident
They’ll Remember You (Valkyrie)
Tim's Song additional
Verbal Kint
Weak Man
Wet the Bed / Black Light
Orphan's Revenge John Ottman 3:38
"He's Here!" John Ottman 1:49
"I Work for Keyser Söze" John Ottman 1:39
"It Was Beautiful" John Ottman 1:20
A Gift John Ottman 1:39
A Little Persuasion John Ottman 2:08
Back to the Pier John Ottman 3:40
Botched Heroics John Ottman 4:37
Camp Testosterone / Meeting the Surfer John Ottman 3:36
Casing the Boat John Ottman 1:57
Chasing the Surfer John Ottman 2:32
Doom's Double Cross John Ottman 2:42
Farewell Fenster John Ottman 0:47
Four in One John Ottman 3:05
Galactus Destroys / Opening John Ottman 1:53
Getting on Board John Ottman 2:58
Gunshot Wedding John Ottman 1:19
Keyser Appears John Ottman 2:36
Kobayashi's Domain John Ottman 2:25
Main Theme John Ottman 3:42
Mr. Sherman / Under the Radar John Ottman 1:55
New York's Finest John Ottman 1:46
Noren Radd John Ottman 0:50
Outside Help John Ottman 2:39
Payback Time John Ottman 1:42
Pursuing Doom John Ottman 3:12
Redfoot John Ottman 1:42
Sibling Switch John Ottman 1:41
Silver Savior / Aftermath John Ottman 5:56
Silver Surfer Theme John Ottman 4:22
Someone I Once Knew John Ottman 2:25
Springing the Surfer John Ottman 1:58
The Arrests John Ottman 1:20
The Faces of His Family John Ottman 1:48
The Future / Doom's Deal John Ottman 2:58
The Garage John Ottman 2:25
The Greatest Trick John Ottman 3:17
The Killing of a Rat John Ottman 3:31
The Plan Begins John Ottman 1:58
The Story Begins John Ottman 1:12
The Water John Ottman 2:36
Verbal Kint John Ottman 2:11
Wedding Day Jitters John Ottman 1:21