Name ISRCs Rating Length
Move Along (acoustic) 3:59
Move Along (album version) 3:58
Move Along (live From the Wiltern) 4:13
Move Along (live From Tournado) 4:48
Move Along (live) USUM70848383 4:49
Move Along (live) 3:54
Move Along (live) 4:49
Mrs. Bundy 2:06
My Paper Heart USDW10200527 5 3:49
My Paper Heart (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 4:04
My Paper Heart (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 6:24
Night Drive 3:26
Night Drive (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 3:52
Night Drive (acoustic) 3:51
Night Drive (live From the Wiltern) 3:34
On the Floor (demo) 2:53
One More Sad Song USDW10200531 5 3:04
One More Sad Song ?:??
One More Sad Song 3:09
One More Sad Song (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 3:32
Oops 2:51
Out the Door 3:38
Party Is Over ?:??
Pillsbury Doughgirl ?:??
Pillsbury Doughgirl 4:05
Real World USUM70843654 3 4:03
Real World (demo) USUM70845898 3:56
She Mannequin ?:??
She Mannequin 4:05
She's My Girlfriend Now 3:28
Sierra’s Song 4:14
Someday’s Gone 3:25
Someday’s Gone (demo) 3:55
Stab My Back USDW10500172 2 3:10
Stab My Back (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 3:12
Straightjacket Feeling (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 4:11
Straitjacket Feeling 3:38
Sunshine USUM70843653
Swing Swing 3:55
Swing Swing 3:25
Swing Swing 3:28
Swing Swing (acoustic) ?:??
Swing Swing (acoustic) 2:54
Swing Swing (Chris Lord-Alge remix) 3:25
Swing Swing (Chris Lord-Alge remix) 3:25
Swing Swing (live) 3:22
Swing Swing (live) 6:59
Swing, Swing USDW10200529 5 3:53
Swing, Swing 3:30
Swing, Swing 3:27
Swing, Swing 3:27
Swing, Swing 3:34
Swing, Swing 4:12
Swing, Swing (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 4:19
Swing, Swing (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 4:27
Swing, Swing (Full Length remix) 3:55
Swing, Swing (live) 6:59
Swing, Swing (radio edit remix) 3:28
Swing, Swing (radio edit) 3:28
Teacher, I Love You 4:17
The Cigarette Song 6:08
The Cigarette Song 3:35
The Cigarette Song 3:37
The Cigarette Song (acoustic version) 3:37
The Future Has Arrived USWD10730752 3:06
The Future Has Arrived 3:06
The Girlfriend Song 4:12
The Last Song USDW10200537 5 5:02
The Last Song 4:10
The Last Song (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 5:54
The Last Song (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 6:08
The Last Song (edit) 4:12
The Last Song (edit) 4:13
The Last Song (Full-Length version) 4:25
The Poison USWD11037630 3:53
The Wind Blows USUM70843645 4:22
The Wind Blows 4:00
The Wind Blows (Skrillex remix) 4:57
The Wind Blows (Skrillex Remix) 4:57
The Wind Blows (Steve Aoki Hurricane mix) USUM70848383 4:21
The Wind Blows (Steve Aoki Hurricane remix) 4:22
There's a Place – 4:27
Time Stands Still USDW10200530 5 3:31
Time Stands Still 3:31
Time Stands Still (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 3:30
Time Stands Still (Bedroom demo version) 3:32
Time Stands Still (live) 3:35
Too Far Gone USDW10200534 5 4:05
Too Far Gone ?:??
Too Far Gone 4:02
Too Far Gone (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 4:48
Too Far Gone (bedroom demo version) 4:03
Top of the World 3:24
Top of the World (from the 'Tournado' DVD) 3:44
Top of the World (live From the Wiltern) 3:26
Walk Over Me 3:58
Walk Over Me ?:??
Walk Over Me (Jeff Bhasker vs. Tyler Johnson Remix) 3:49
Why Worry USDW10200532 5 4:16
Why Worry (from 'The Too Bad for Hell' DVD) 3:56

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