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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I Do Voodoo (Umberto Echo remix) Dubblestandart feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry 5:26
I Do Voodoo Dub Dubblestandart feat. Lee 'Scratch' Perry 5:29
I Foo China (feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun) Dubblestandart 5:09
I Foo China Dub (feat. Lee Perry & Gudrun) Dubblestandart 5:10
I Got to Live & Love Dubblestandart feat. Caron Wheeler ?:??
I'm a Warrior Dubblestandart feat. Saria Idana ?:??
I'm a Warrior (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Idiots Dub (feat. Ariup) Dubblestandart 5:50
Immigration Dub (feat. 3gga) Dubblestandart 4:27
Immigration Dub feat. 3gga Dubblestandart 4:31
Immigration Dub feat. 3gga - Extended Dub Mix Dubblestandart 4:27
Into the Fire Dubblestandart feat. Banth Singh Mc & Delhi Sultanate 5:23
Iron Devil (feat. Lee Scratch Perry) (Dancehall remix) Dubblestandart 5:40
Iron Devil (feat. Lee Scratch Perry) (Subatomic Sound System Dubstep remix) Dubblestandart 6:17
Island Girl (J-Star remix) Dubblestandart feat. Ari Up 4:06
Island Girl Dub (feat. Ariup) Dubblestandart 5:12
Island Girl feat. Ari Up - JStar RMX Dubblestandart 4:05
Kingston Dancehall Dub (feat. Ariup) Dubblestandart 5:19
Kung Fu Fighting feat. Carl Douglas - Hongkong Harbour Dub Dubblestandart 4:51
Les Jours Dubblestandart feat. Jessica McIntyre ?:??
Let 'em Take It (feat. Lee Perry) Dubblestandart 5:20
Let 'em Take It Dub (feat. Lee Perry) Dubblestandart 6:02
Let It Flow (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Let There Be Light Dubblestandart 5:03
Logics of Liberation (Adrian Sheerwood dub) Dubblestandart feat. Hoda Mohajerani ?:??
Love Can Grow (feat. Noa More) Dubblestandart 5:27
Lovemachine (feat. Supermax & Trueman Chewstick) (Dubblestandart remix) Dubblestandart 5:50
Marijuana Dreams (Adrian Sheerwood dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Marijuana Dreams (dub) Dubblestandart 5:36
Marijuana Dreams (dub) Dubblestandart 5:36
Marijuana Dreams (feat. GuGabriel & Trigga) Dubblestandart 5:31
Marijuana Dreams (Red Hands Common & Koe DNB remix) Dubblestandart 6:50
Money feat. Gudrun & Truman Chewstick Dubblestandart 5:54
More Human Than Human Dubblestandart ?:??
MPLA Dub Dubblestandart 4:22
Night Dub Dubblestandart 5:33
Not Controlled by the Artist Dubblestandart ?:??
One by One (The Boat Stops) Dubblestandart ?:??
Optimism Dub (feat. David Lynch & Lee "Scratch" Perry) Dubblestandart 5:36
Outernational Remote Control Dub Dubblestandart feat. Oskar Werner 5:30
Player Hater (Bun Dem dub) Dubblestandart 6:40
Player Hater (Bun Dem Dub) Dubblestandart 6:41
Player Hater (Mad Professor mix) Dubblestandart 4:37
Playerhater (Mad Professor mix) Dubblestandart 4:38
Preemptive Dub - Nassau Mix - DS vs 7Dub vs Sly & Robbie feat. Aminata Dubblestandart 4:41
Preemptive Dub (7 Dub vs. Sly & Robbie Rmx feat. Burle & Aminata) Dubblestandart 6:13
Return From Planet Egalica (Fatsquad remix) Dubblestandart 5:12
Return From Planet Egalica (Freedom Satellite remix) Dubblestandart 6:05
Return from Planet Egalica (Freedom Satellite Rmx) Dubblestandart 5:27
Return From Planet Egalica (Superlistener dub) Dubblestandart 5:57
Return from Planet Egalica (Superlisteners Dub) Dubblestandart 5:59
Safe From Harm Dubblestandart ?:??
Safe From Harm (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Saints Go Marchin' Through All the Popular Tunes (feat. William S. Burroughs) Dubblestandart 6:09
Senses Of A Woman (feat. Gudrun) Dubblestandart 5:40
Slow Motion Dubblestandart feat. AmA ?:??
Slow Motion (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Slow Motion (Infernal Devices remix) Dubblestandart feat. AmA ?:??
Soak Up the Fun (The Reggae version) Dubblestandart feat. Coshiva ?:??
Some Will Be Dread (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry) Dubblestandart 4:43
Soulmate Dubblestandart feat. Ari-Up ?:??
Soulmate (Adrian Sherwood dub remix) Dubblestandart feat. Ari Up 5:08
Soulmate (Adrian Sherwood dub remix) Dubblestandart feat. Ari-Up ?:??
Soulmate (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
South Central Voodoo Dubblestandart ?:??
Spirits Dub Dubblestandart feat. Gugabriel 5:24
Stand Alone Dubble Standart 3:31
Star Spangled Dub Dubblestandart 1:38
Stay Calm (Sulphur dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Stay Calm & Carry On Dubblestandart feat. Hoda ?:??
Stay Calm & Carry On (Robo Bass Hifi remix) Dubblestandart feat. Hoda 3:15
Streets Of Dub - 2004 Rmx feat. Camel Dubblestandart 5:07
Streets of Dub (Anxiety Rmx) Dubblestandart 6:35
Summerrain (feat. Gudrun) Dubblestandart 5:40
Summerrain (Robbie Ost's acoustic version) Dubblestandart feat. GuGabriel ?:??
Sun Is Shining (dub) Dubblestandart ?:??
Surrender Dub (feat. Ariup) Dubblestandart 5:21
Ten Tons of Dope (Robo Bass Hifi remix) Dubblestandart feat. Dillinger 3:16
Terrorists & Inhalers (Keith Le Blanc Rmx) Dubblestandart 5:24
Terrorists & Inhalers (Keith Le Blanc Rmx) Dubblestandart 7:39
The Message Dubblestandart 5:31
The Rhythm (feat. Grizo) Dubblestandart 6:35
They Became One Dubblestandart 5:06
This Is Life - Magic Dub Dubblestandart 6:27
This One Is About Flying Dubblestandart 4:52
Tiny Place Called Earth Dubblestandart 4:18
Trigger Dubblestandart feat. AmA ?:??
Ultramarine Dub Dubblestandart ?:??
Vampire Informer (dub) Dubblestandart 5:38
Vampire Informer (feat. Elephant Man) Dubblestandart 4:12
Voodooism Dub (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry) Dubblestandart 5:46
Wadada - Means Love (feat. Prince Far I & Trueman Chewstick) (Tom Watson remix) Dubblestandart 4:37
Wadada (feat. Prince Far-I) (Tom Watson Dubstep remix) Dubblestandart 4:36
Wadada feat. Prince far I & Truman Chewstick Dubblestandart 4:38
Watch The Future - Runners High Rmx feat. Camel Dubblestandart 5:56
Watch the Future (Heavy Monster dub) Dubblestandart 5:31
We All Have to Get High (feat. Devon D) (Tom Watson remix) Dubblestandart 5:40
We All Have to Get High (feat. Prince Far-I) (Tom Watson Dubstep remix) Dubblestandart 5:30
We All Have to Get High (Tom Watson remix) Devon D. / Dubblestandart 5:38
We All Have To Get High feat. Devon D. Dubblestandart 6:07

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