Anvil (Canadian heavy metal band)

~ Group


members: Sebastian Marino (guitar) (1989 – 1995)
Mike Duncan (Canadian metal bassist) (bass guitar) (1993 – 1996)
Ivan Hurd (guitar) (1995 – 2007)
Glenn Five (bass guitar, background vocals) (1996 – 2012)
Sal Italiano (bass guitar) (2012 – 2014)
Chris Robertson (bassist in Anvil) (bass guitar) (2014 –)
original members: Steve “Lips” Kudlow (guitar, lead vocals) (1978 –)
Robb Reiner (membranophone) (1978 –)
Dave Allison (Canadian metal/rock guitarist) (guitar, background vocals) (1978 – 1989)
Ian Dickson (ex-member of Anvil) (bass guitar) (1978 – 1993)
has personal publisher: Anvil Songs
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Date Title Artist Length
666 Anvil 4:46
Heat Sink Anvil 3:57
Jackhammer Anvil 3:33
March of the Crabs Anvil 2:33
Metal on Metal Anvil 3:57
Mothra Anvil 5:08
Scenery Anvil 4:41
Stop Me Anvil 5:26
Tag Team Anvil 4:09
Tease Me, Please Me Anvil 4:53
Bad Habits
Black or White
Blood in the Playground
Deadbeat Dad
Green Jesus
Hair Pie
Hero by Death
Life to Lead
Man Over Board
Matress Mambo
No Evil
No One to Follow
Old School
Park That Truck
Piss Test
Red Light
Secret Agent
Show Me Your Tits
Speed of Sound
9-2-5 Anvil 2:53
A.Z. #85 Anvil 3:11
Bad Habits WesDiz 2:38
Ball of Fire Anvil 3:51
Beat the Law Anvil 3:35
Black or White Anvil 3:30
Blood in the Playground Anvil 3:39
Blood on the Ice Anvil 5:23
Brain Burn Anvil 3:30
Bullshit Anvil 3:25
Bushpig Anvil 4:07
Computer Drone Anvil 6:17
Concrete Jungle Anvil 5:21
Corporate Preacher Anvil 4:07
Cramps Anvil 0:14
Cut Loose Anvil 3:25
Deadbeat Dad Anvil 3:55
Defiant Anvil 4:03
Destined for Doom Anvil 5:17
Dirty Dorothy Anvil 4:34
Disgruntled Anvil 3:20
Doctor Kevorkian Anvil 3:46
Don’t Ask Me Anvil 4:40
Embalmer Anvil 6:54
Face Pull Anvil 2:54
Fire in the Night Anvil 6:10
Five Knuckle Shuffle Anvil 3:27
Flight of the Bumble Beast Anvil 2:26
Green Jesus Anvil 3:50
Groove Science Anvil 3:21
Guilty Anvil 6:46
Hair Pie Anvil 3:08
Hero by Death Anvil 5:22
Holy Wood Anvil 3:29
I Dreamed It Was the End of the World Anvil 4:14
I’m Trying to Sleep Anvil 3:10
In Hell Anvil 4:20
Infanticide Anvil 7:41
Killer Hill Anvil 3:27
Kiss of Death Anvil 5:20
Left Behind Anvil 5:24
Life to Lead Anvil 4:05
Machine Gun Anvil 2:55
Mad Dog Anvil 3:11
Man Over Board Anvil 2:36
Mattress Mambo Anvil 5:23
No Evil Anvil 5:28
No One to Follow Anvil 4:42
Old School Anvil 3:46
On the Way to Hell Anvil 6:04
Paper General Anvil 4:50
Park That Truck Anvil 3:34
Piss Test Anvil 4:10
Plenty of Power Anvil 4:02
Pow Wow Anvil 6:00
Pro Wrestling Anvil 4:28
Race Against Time Anvil 4:36
Racial Hostility Anvil 5:56
Real Metal Anvil 4:23
Red Light Anvil 4:53
Rubber Neck Anvil 3:11
Sadness / Love Me When I’m Dead Anvil 8:49
Safe Sex Anvil 3:22
Sativa Anvil 3:11
Secret Agent Anvil 3:54
Senile King Anvil 4:06
Show Me Your Tits Anvil 2:51
Sins of the Flesh Anvil 5:19
Siren of the Sea Anvil 4:14
Smokin’ Green Anvil 4:56
Speed of Sound Anvil 3:44
Still Going Strong Anvil 3:41
Stolen Anvil 4:37
Straight Between the Eyes Anvil 3:15
Strength of Steel Anvil 3:28
The Creep Anvil 3:38
Toe Jam Anvil 2:47
Truth or Consequence Anvil 6:19
Waiting Anvil 4:27
What I’m About Anvil 4:39
Where Does All the Money Go? Anvil 4:06
White Rhino Anvil 5:20
Wild Eyes Anvil 3:24
American Refugee
Axe to Grind
Badass Rock ’n’ Roll
Ball of Fire
Beat the Law
Big Business
Blood on the Ice
Bombs Away
Bottom Feeder
Brain Burn
Burning Bridges
Call of Duty
Can’t Catch Me
Computer Drone
Concrete Jungle
Corporate Preacher
Cruel World
Cut Loose
Dirty Dorothy
Eat Your Words
Fast Driver
Feed the Greed
Fire at Will
Fire in the Night
Flight of the Bumble Beast
Flying Blind
Fuel for the Fire
Game Over
Go Away
Groove Science
Hard Wired
Hope in Hell
I Dreamed It Was the End of the World
Keep It Up
Kiss of Death
Left Behind
Machine Gun
Mad Dog
Mankind Machine
Metal on Metal
Not Afraid
On Fire
Paper General
Pay the Toll
Plenty of Power
Pro Wrestling
Ready to Fight
Real Metal
Room #9
Safe Sex
Senile King
Should’a Would’a Could’a
Shut the Fuck Up
Siren of the Sea
Song of Pain
Straight Between the Eyes
Strength of Steel
The Chainsaw
The Creep
The Fight Is Never Won
This Is Thirteen
This Ride
Through With You
Thumb Hang
Time Shows No Mercy
Toe Jam
Turn It Up
When Hell Breaks Loose
Where Does All the Money Go?
You Get What You Pay For