Anvil (Canadian heavy metal band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Shut the Fuck Up Anvil 3:38
Sins of the Flesh Anvil 5:19
Sins of the Flesh Anvil 5:21
Siren of the Sea Anvil 4:14
Slip Kid Anvil & Franky Perez 3:49
Slip Kid Anvil feat. Franky Perez 3:50
Smokin' Green Anvil 4:57
Smokin’ Green Anvil 4:56
Smoking Green Anvil ?:??
Song of Pain Anvil 5:54
Speed of Sound Anvil 3:44
Steamin Anvil 3:37
Steamin’ Anvil 3:36
Still Going Strong Anvil 3:41
Stolen Anvil 4:37
Stolen Anvil 4:37
Stop Me Anvil 5:26
Stop Me Anvil 5:22
Straight Between the Eyes Anvil 3:15
Strength of Steel Anvil 3:28
Swing Thing Anvil 3:00
Tag Team Anvil 4:09
Tease Me Please Me Anvil 4:53
Tease Me, Please Me Anvil 4:53
The Chainsaw Anvil 5:40
The Creep Anvil 3:38
The Fight Is Never Won Anvil 4:28
The Station Anvil 3:24
This Is Thirteen Anvil 6:39
This Ride Anvil 3:12
Through With You Anvil 4:48
Thumb Hang Anvil 5 5:59
Thumb Hang Anvil 6:00
Time Shows No Mercy Anvil 4:36
Toe Jam Anvil 2:47
Toe Jam Anvil 3:19
Tonight Is Coming Anvil 3:45
Truth or Consequence Anvil 6:19
Turn It Up Anvil 2:58
Up Down Sideways Anvil 3:16
Vengeance to Kill Anvil 4:14
Voodoo Anvil 4:32
Waiting Anvil 4:27
Welcome to Daytrotter Anvil 0:14
What I Want to Be Anvil 3:07
What I’m About Anvil 4:39
When Hell Breaks Loose Anvil 3:11
Where Does All the Money Go? Anvil 4:06
White Rhino Anvil 5:20
Wild Eyes Anvil 3:24
Winged Assassins Anvil 3:45
Winged Assassins Anvil ?:??
Winged Assassins Anvil 4:02
Worry Anvil 3:13
You Don’t Know What It’s Like Anvil 3:31
You Get What You Pay For Anvil 3:49
You’re a Liar Anvil 4:52
Zombie Apocalypse Anvil 4:20

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