Melissa Ferrick

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
To Feel Real 2:43
To Let You See Me 2:52
To Let You See Me 3:29
To Let You See Me 3:19
To Let You See Me 2:59
Trouble in My Head 4:23
Trust It All 2:30
Weightless and Slow 4:18
Welcome to My Life 4:08
Welcome to My Life 6:11
Welcome to My Life 3:39
Welcome to My Life (live, Flagstaff, AR, USA) 3:27
Westbound 5:57
What Have I Got to Lose 3:49
When Thom Sings (Lake Effect Snow) 5:09
When You Left 3:03
White Christmas 2:48
Who Knows Why 3:34
Who Knows Why (live, Flagstaff, AR, USA) 3:35
Will You Be the One 3:55
Will You Be the One 3:23
Will You Be the One (live, Flagstaff, AR, USA) 3:56
Willing to Wait 3:37
Willing to Wait 4:37
Willing to Wait 3:28
Willing to Wait 3:38
Win 'em Over 3:53
Win 'Em Over 4:14
Wonder Why 3:41
Wreck Me 5:04
You ?:??
You Let Me Be 3:49
You've Known It All Along 2:44

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