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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sulaymaniyah Muslimgauze 4:12
Suttee Muslimgauze 8:10
Suttee (continued) Muslimgauze 9:21
Sycophant of Purdah Muslimgauze 2:23
Syria Siren Muslimgauze 1:25
Syrinj of... Muslimgauze 0:58
Systemwide Virus Abuse 1 Muslimgauze 8:09
Systemwide Virus Abuse 2 Muslimgauze 1:39
Systemwide Virus Abuse 3 Muslimgauze 0:17
Tabriz The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze 2:42
Tabula Rasa Muslimgauze 6:13
Tabula Rasa I Muslimgauze 6:14
Tabula Rasa II Muslimgauze 6:13
Tafkir Ma Higra Muslimgauze 4:49
Taliban Muslimgauze 4:46
Taliban Code Muslimgauze 4:05
Tamburiame Mezzanine Muslimgauze 6:12
Tamburiame Mezzanine Muslimgauze 6:12
Tamil Tiger S.O.S. Muslimgauze 3:59
Tamillanka Muslimgauze 7:10
Tan Tan The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze 3:02
Tanger Blanc Return Muslimgauze 3:33
Tanger Blanc Return Muslimgauze 3:34
Tangier Muslimgauze 13:29
Tangier - Zeen Muslimgauze 6:56
Tangier Box Apollon & Muslimgauze GBFDX0835104 8:46
Tantric Grip Muslimgauze 11:13
Taoist Muslimgauze 18:57
Tarabulus Muslimgauze 2:26
Tarabulus Muslimgauze 2:25
Tariq Aziz Muslimgauze 10:43
Tashkent The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze 3:03
Teargas Muslimgauze 3:50
Teargas Muslimgauze 4:13
Teargas Muslimgauze 4:12
Teargas Muslimgauze 1:07
Teheran Via Train Muslimgauze 7:56
Teheran Via Train (Departure mix) Muslimgauze 5:39
Tehran The Rootsman vs. Muslimgauze 3:26
Tel Aviv Nailbomb Muslimgauze 5:59
Tel Aviv Nailbomb Muslimgauze 1:12
Temple Carcass Muslimgauze 5:05
Temple Carcass Muslimgauze 5:05
Terracotta Bowl Muslimgauze 3:49
Thar Muslimgauze 2:22
The Advantgardist Muslimgauze 4:37
The Asphalt Jungle Muslimgauze 2:35
The Broken Radio of Istanbul Station Muslimgauze 3:47
The Dead Sea Indego Net Muslimgauze 3:46
The Divine Cause Muslimgauze 8:24
The Divine Cause Muslimgauze 5:28
The Emir of Aqua Muslimgauze 4:19
The Eternal Illusionist of Old Baghdad Muslimgauze 2:56
The Female Guard of Libya Muslimgauze 2:54
The Fly That Constantley Bites Muslimgauze 1:05
The Fly That Constantly Bites Muslimgauze 4:22
The Fragrance Aroma Muslimgauze 2:35
The Ganges Swimmer Muslimgauze 3:28
The Girl Who Sleeps With Persian Tulips Muslimgauze 3:47
The Good Muslim Muslimgauze 4:47
The Good Muslim Muslimgauze 9:49
The Handless of Bazaars Muslimgauze 1:30
The Hanging Judge of Iran Muslimgauze 3:15
The Iranian Who Found Allah Muslimgauze 3:04
The Iranian Who Found Allah Muslimgauze 7:53
The Iraqi Who Grew Orchids Muslimgauze 2:55
The Last Tamil Tiger Skinned Muslimgauze 3:38
The Limb Amputator of Rinadh Muslimgauze 3:25
The Limb Amputator of Rinash Muslimgauze 3:26
The Mirror Signal Manoeuvre Muslimgauze 5:23
The Muslim City Muslimgauze 5:48
The Muslim City Muslimgauze 5:49
The Muslim City Muslimgauze 5:45
The Muslim City Muslimgauze 5:47
The Nile Is Blue Around Elephantine Island Muslimgauze 1:11
The Ottoman Muzeum of Cherised Momentos Muslimgauze 3:54
The Ottoman Muzeum of Cherished Momentos Muslimgauze 3:54
The Poisoner of Citrus Muslimgauze 3:42
The Power of the Word Muslimgauze 5:00
The Power of the Word Muslimgauze 9:49
The Power of the Word, Part 1 Muslimgauze 5:23
The Power of the Word, Part 2 Muslimgauze 4:24
The Power of the World Muslimgauze 5:00
The Public Flogger of Lahore Muslimgauze 4:52
The Sari of Cholera Muslimgauze 4:54
The Sari of Cholera Muslimgauze 4:57
The Shikari Who Wore No Dhoti Muslimgauze 3:24
The Suffocator of Hindustani Muslimgauze 6:19
The Syrian Majishan Muslimgauze 2:36
The Taliban Muslimgauze 2:38
The Taliban / Homeless / Djiguinira Muslimgauze / Paul Simon / Miriam Makeba 2:59
The Zion Terrorist Muslimgauze 1:59
The Zion Terrorist Muslimgauze 1:58
The Zouave Who Turned a Blind Ear / A Balba Louni Muslimgauze 3:42
Thief of Aqua Muslimgauze 3:50
Thief of Sand Muslimgauze 3:09
Thief Severed Hand Muslimgauze 6:05
Thimble Cups of Urdu Muslimgauze 6:47
Thimble Cups of Urdu Muslimgauze 6:13
This Is My Palestine Muslimgauze 5:15

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