Name ISRCs Rating Length
14 Year Old Girls Are Bomb ?:??
All the Good Lines From the Sitcom Friends ?:??
Brandon's 13 Minute Extravaganza ?:??
Corn on Kabob, Cob on Roger Avary ?:??
Happy Breeday ?:??
Hella Holla Handgrenade ?:??
His Bed After the Massacre With the E ?:??
How is my Anus Any Different than Hers ?:??
Mega Man Chainsaw Massacre ?:??
Moo ?:??
Mr Blacky ?:??
Natalie Portman Ruined Garden State (and Star Wars, and Closer) ?:??
Slap Mah Fro ?:??
Stop Bubble Man (You Only Have 4 Lives Left) ?:??
The Flaming Jesus Rainbow Shirt ?:??
The Gabba Song on XTC ?:??
The Life and Death of Anus Boy ?:??
Tribute to Anus ?:??
UFO ?:??

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