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Monroe, with its original members Rob Gotcher (vocals, guitar) Derak Berreyesa (guitar) and Dan Horton (drums), has been around since January of 2005. Monroe arose from the ashes of the band Jeun, which included bass player Joe Vesco. After Joe Vesco quit in order to attend college, the band added Alex White to its cast. Though the name was different many of the songs were preserved and new ones were created. While Joe had a unique, intricate style that can most clearly be heard in the song “Thankful”, Alex brought a hard, head banging element to Monroe. Songs like “Sexing” and “Lack Luster” epitomize the creative process during this period. During the summer of 2005 Monroe recorded its first album titled Trial and Error with Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones) at Pus Cavern in Sacramento. The album with its eight songs remains unreleased. The lyrics are heartfelt and range from melancholy to frustration and anger. They concern experiences that the listener can relate to. Many of the songs focus on failed relationships, but love is not the only subject matter. “Thankful” is dedicated to Rob’s father, a rock musician, and “Papercut” is about the boredom of a routine and mundane job. In general, the album as well as its content is captured in the title Trial and Error. Not long after the recording the album Alex quit the band and was replaced by Anton Ditchev. With Anton in the lineup the band has gone through another reincarnation. The songs are more groove-based and funky. In addition, drummer Dan Horton has incorporated electronic drums into his set. The result has been more dance provoking, fun songs. In the seven songs that this lineup has added to the band’s repertoire the focus has been on making entertaining music that is fun to listen to and performing that music in engaging, interactive live shows. Throughout its short history Monroe has been unique in its sound and c annot be pinned down to any single genre. Their music is as versatile and eclectic as the musicians who create it. Most importantly, however, the band has fun playing live shows and the crowd has fun at a Monroe show. Monroe has performed with national acts such as Mock Orange and the Lovemakers.

Members of Monroe Derak Berreyesa, Alex White, Rob Gotcher and Dan Horton are now in the band Red Light Broadcast.

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