Name ISRCs Rating Length
Are You the Light? 4:25
Barely Bit Me 3:00
Barely Bit Me 3:11
Blame 3:46
Blame 4:34
Captain I'm Fine and Thank You for Everything 2:34
Cause I'm So Scared of Dying 4:58
Cutting of the Blood to Ten (original demo) 2:58
Cutting Off the Blood to Ten 2:31
Devil Dressed in Blue 1:50
Devil Dressed in Blue 1:50
Down to Your Soul 3:14
Down to Your Soul 3:15
Down to Your Soul (original demo) 3:01
Father Brian Finn 5:30
Forest Green Father 4:21
Fur Stop Caring 2:57
Fur Stop Caring 2:50
Gasoline Family 4:56
Glass Teeth Mask 2:19
Haunt While I Sleep 3:04
Hoo 2:36
I Am a Vampire 6:55
I Am Aware 3:10
I Am Aware 3:24
I Can Not Boast 3:07
I Wait for You 4:48
I Wait for You 3:49
I Was a Cage 4:30
I Was a Cage 4:20
I'm Not Ready to Forgive You 4:21
I'm Not Ready to Forgive You 3:00
Interlude 1:14
Jimmy He Whispers (original demo) 3:44
Like Lions Do 4:02
Love Come Save Me 3:35
Love, Come Save Me 3:19
Memories from a Shore 2:22
Memories From a Shore 2:46
Memories From Shore (original demo) 2:21
Memories From the End, Part 1 3:40
Memories From the End, Part 2 3:28
Memories on a Deck, Part I 2:58
Memories on a Deck, Part II 1:41
Night Marry You 2:26
Oh Deceiver 3:54
Oh No, I Tried 3:03
Oh No, I Tried (original demo) 2:30
Oh, Deceiver 4:05
Old Again 2:58
Once Like You 5:31
Remember Me 2:37
Right Ahead, Young Sailor 2:35
Right Ahead, Young Sailor! 1:54
Right Away, Great Captain! 5:20
Right Away, Great Captain! (original demo) 2:48
Rotten Black Root 3:31
Rotten Black Root 3:50
Sacred Heart (A Sailor's Drunken Eulogy) 2:21
Take This Keen Advice 2:29
The Devil Dressed in Blue (original demo) 1:50
We Were Made Out of Lightening 4:25
We Were Made Out of Lightning 4:24
What a Lullaby, What a Way to Die 2:22
What a Pity 1:47
What a Pity 2:01
When I Met Death 2:58
When I Met Death 3:07
Will You Know Where to Go When I Forget? 1:40
You're Alright, Hot One 7:42

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